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Xenopouncers are a species of aliens who debuted in Fantendo: Playing War. Bouncer and the unnamed alien (appearing in multiple bonus chapters) are the only known members so far, but the unnamed alien chapters reference a functioning society that sent him to find Bouncer. They come from an unnamed planet in another galaxy, which is immensely large causing it to have a high gravity level (which is why the species can jump so high).


The Xenopouncer language cannot be spoken by human tounges, but Xenopouncers can speak English. Each word has a symbol in front of it (when writing the words with the Latin alphabet, each symbol is represented by two Roman letters). This symbol is followed by a series of numbers. The sentence structure is the same as English, however.


  • XD: A person's name

Number Combinations

  • 0000: Xenopouncer
  • 3987: Humble
  • 4210: Guardian

Prominent Members

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