Xenomonolith in his galaxy-sized form.
Full Name Xenomonolith
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Current Status Speeding
Class Ex-Brotherhood Member
Xenomonolith Speed Channel
First Appearance World War X
Xenomonolith is a deity residing in the Exoverse in general (notably in the Lapisverse and the Erased Memories universe). Although he previously was part of the Brotherhood, he left after unlocking the limits of his speed powers. Xenomonolith now spends his time traveling around broken planets and debris in space which he uses to build his massive "Monolith" body, which is only held together with the speed he is traveling around those objects. This sends out Xenomonolith signals, which can be used if a person is cable of using them.


World War X

Appears as a secret boss. "One of the biggest characters in the game, Xenomonolith is a massive thing. Don't be fooled though; that's just a shell of broken planets being held up by the fastest being in the universe. You have to find a blind spot in order to even have a chance of defeating him. "

Ruby Racers 2: Xenomonolith

Xenomonolith Speeds


Mario utilizing Xenomonolith Speeds.

Xenomonolith emits a energy known as Xenomonolith Speeds, which can be harnessed by cable users, which are usually gods. In Ruby Racers 2: Xenomonolith, the karts have been modified to harness these speeds.

The speeds are incredibly fast, but some characters still come slow to people like the Flash. Still, in the right hands it can become incredibly deadly. Getting access to these signals is tough and often spotty if mortal. Still, if you need to get somewhere fast, the Xenomonolith Speeds are near overkill.