Xenoblade Chronicles: Updated Edition is a revamped edition of Xenoblade Chronicles. It follows the same story, but with a few changes, new party members, and multiple new storylines available for download. It will be released on January 2015.

Party Members

Aside from the seven original party members from the original Xenoblade, there will be a lot more party members that'll join you in the game.

Name Joins In Description Talent Art
Shulk Chapter 1 Shulk is the main protagonist in Xenoblade. He's an 18-year old weapons researcher that lives on Colony 9. After Metal Face,, the first main antagonist of the game, kills Fiora, Shulk and his best friend, Reyn, begin their journey up the Bionis to kill him. Shulk wields the Monado, a legendary sword that was once used by Dunban. Shulk can only learn 8 arts; but should he use the Monado, he can use 8 Monado arts. Activate Monado: Activates the Monado, giving Shulk access to his repertoire of Monado Arts. These powerful Arts are much more powerful than normal ones, but only one Monado Art can be used before the Monado shuts down again.
Reyn Chapter 1 Reyn is a member of Colony 9's Defense Force, and the comic relief of the game. As the tank of the group, he can deal lots of damage to enemies. With his crowd control and high aggro skills and the ability to wield heavy armour and defense increasing weapons he keeps his allies protected. He himself can do decent damage to enmeies, thus making him a valuable ally in the game. Mad Taunt: Generates a massive amount of aggro directed on Reyn. Used to distract enemies from attacking other party members.
Sharla Chapter 4 Sharla is a medic from the Colony 6 Defense Force. Before the Mechon attack on Colony 6, she was supposed to marry Gadolt, another member of Colony 6's Defense Force. In battle, Sharla's the main healer of the group. After using her rifle several times, she goes into a Cool-Off state, in which she can't attack for a while. Cool Off: Causes Sharla to enter an immobile state where she regains 3% of her max HP every second, slowly draining the Talent Gauge. The move can be used at any time, but is auto-used when the Talent Gauge is full.
Dunban Chapter 5 Dunban is the Legendary Hero of the Homs and was thought to be the only one who could wield the Monado. During the Battle of Sword Valley, his right arm got paralyzed, preventing him from using the Monado. He serves as the voice of reason for the group. Most of his attacks combo together, making his moves very effective. He can also increase his aggro or increase his evasion. Blossom Dance: Dunban performs a 5-hit combo on the targeted enemy. Consecutive hits require presses of the Action Command button.
Melia Chapter 6 Melia Antiqua is a mage who is the eventual leader of the High Entia. Before she joins Shulk's party, she lived in the Imperial City Alcamoth. Her attacks mostly use Ether, due to her being a mage, and can also inflict status ailments on enemies. She has the lowest HP of any party member. Elemental Discharge: Can be used infinitely. Fires a random summoned Elemental at the opponent- effects of attack depend on the elemental. Every fired Elemental fills the Talent Gauge- when it becomes 100% full, Melia enters an Elemental Burst state, which doubles her Ether damage.
Riki Chapter 6 Riki is a member of the Nopon race, and the foretold Heropon in Nopon legend. He'a a natural storyteller, and tells tales of his status as a Heropon. In battle, he'a a Black Mage/Thief hybrid, and has good moves for inflicting status ailments on enemies. Due to his lack of fire power, though, he won't inflict as much damage. He has the highest HP of all party members. Yoink!: Deals moderate damage to an opponent while stealing HP, items or stats from them. Can be upgraded to steal EXP or AP as well.
Fiora Chapter 12 Fiora is Shulk's childhood friend and Dunban's younger sister. She was thought to have been killed by Metal Face, but was revealed to be alive during the battle against Metal Face at Prison Island. She has another conciousness inside her, that being the spirit of Lady Meyneth, soul of Mechonis. In battle, she is a fast attacker, and is proficient with dual swords. Drones: Can be one of 4 Arts: Cannon Drones (fires a massive laser), Gun Drones, (fires lasers all around Fiora), Sword Drones (powerful melee combo), or Shield Drones (generate defensive shield). The Art used is dependent on the Drone type Fiora has equipped.
Gadolt Chapter 15 Gadolt is Sharla's fiancé and member of Colony 6's Defense Force. He was captured by the Mechon when they attacked Colony 6, and was turned into Jade Face by Egil. He was eventually freed from Egil's control by Meyneth, and later fled Agniratha before its destruction. In battle, he uses is a new rifle, which can rack up to four hits at once. He can also use Jade Face as part of his Talent Art. Linear Laser: Gadolt fires a powerful laser from a Jade Face-styled cannon at the target. This attack is highly powerful and attack from an infinite range, but generates the most aggro out of any attack in the game.
Egil Chapter 17 Egil is the leader of Mechonis and the agent of Meyneth, god of Mechonis. After being driven by revenge after Mechonis was devastated by Zanza, he swore revenge on his former friend and began to attack Bionis. He was eventually stopped by Shulk, who convinced him to stop fighting. After Zanza was reawakened, he fled Mechonis on Yaldabaoth and decided to join Shulk to stop Zanza. In battle, Egil can deal double damage to Telethia, making him a valuable teammate in Arc 3. A reconstructed Yaldabaoth is used as part of his Talent Art. Grand Ether Bullet: Egil fires a blast of dark energy from a Yaldabaoth-styled cannon at a selected enemy. The blast explodes on contact, affecting all foes around the target. Deals good damage and inflicts Arts Seal.
Dickson Chapter 18 Dickson is part of Zanza's Trinity, along with Lorithia and Alvis. Before his betrayal in Mechonis Core, he helped Shulk with his adventure, and gave clues of his status as a disciple throughout the game. After being defeated at Prison Island, Shulk and Dunban convince Dickson to betray Zanza. After Alvis telepathically tells Dickson about Zanza eventually betraying him, and due to the fact that he loved Shulk as he raised him, he reforms and joins the party. In battle, Dickson is a knight, dealing good amounts of damage (up to even 12,000 in one hit) and has very good defense. He changes into his Giant form as part of his Talent Art. Chaos Cannon: Dickson transforms into a smaller version of his giant form and creates a powerful blast around himself. This blast deals heavy damage, but causes Dickson to enter a cooldown state similar to Sharla's Cool Off.
Alvis Chapter 20 Alvis is another of Zanza's Trinity, along with Lorithia and Dickson. Before revealing that he is a discple of Zanza's he was the royal advisor for Sorean, leader of the High Entia, and later Kallian after Sorean's death. He remains ambiguous throughout most of the game, aiding Shulk in his quest to stop the Mechon. After Dickson's Sureny Telethia is defeated, Alvis reveals his status as a disciple. When the party confronts him in Deus Fortress, he decides to fight them with his own Monado. After his defeat, Alvis retreats, but decides to join the party before the fight against Zanza. In battle, he uses his own Monado, with a wide array of new attacks exclusive to it. Activate Nega Monado: Activates Alvis's Monado. While Alvis only possesses six Monado Arts (as opposed to Shulk's eight Monado Arts), his tend to be more powerful and strategic in their usage.
Jaaldo Chapter 21 Jaaldo is a High Entia who saved the Bionis from the Giants when they attacked 3 centuries ago. After the Giants reawakened, Alvis recommended that Shulk and the party should recruit Jaaldo because of his knowledge about them. Jaaldo refuses to go at first, but after an attack on Alcamoth by Giant Face, Jaaldo decides to go stop them. In battle, he is a sage. He can use more powerful Ether attacks than Melia. Sky Tremor: Jaaldo generate a blast of powerful magic around himself. Enemies caught in the blast take heavy damage and are knocked back a good amount.
Isene Chapter 24 A tomboyish and no-nonsense knight of the Einherjar, Isene is the youngest of the group, at 17 years old. She was sent by Tharo, king of Einherjar, to infiltrate the Mountain Factory inside Jatvar Peaks. She met Shulk and his friends infiltrating the same factory to hunt down Ballos, and she decided to join them on their journey. She has a crush on Reyn. Isene is a knight/archer hybrid meaning she can use both ranged and physical attacks. Fell Arrow: Isene fires a deadly toxin-tipped arrow at her target. The target takes a good amount of damage and has Topple forced on it, even if they would normally be immune to.
Garsyl Chapter 26 Garsyl is the true leader of the Giants. After Ballos usurped his throne, Garsyl had to go into hiding. Garsyl first appeared while Shulk's party was facing the Hailus Telethia at Griskol Fjord. Discovering that Shulk wanted to stop Ballos from summoning Yggdrasil, Garsyl decided to join Shulk, hoping to defeat Agaraen and reclaim his throne. He knew Dickson for a long time, until the latter was corrupted by Zanza. In battle, Garsyl can deal a ton of damage with his sword, but with a catch- his Arts have the longest Cooldown state out of any party member. Ancient Rejuvenation: Garsyl charges a strange type of primal energy. While this leaves him defenseless for a few seconds while he charges, fully charging will completely reset the cooldown of all his Arts.
Mumkhar Chapter 29 Mumkhar was originally Dunban and Dickson's friend in the Battle of Sword Valley. However, wanting the Monado for himself, Mumkhar ditched Dunban and Dickson, and later became known as the Face Mechon known as Metal Face. Presumely killing Fiora, Mumkhar went to face Shulk a few times in his adventure. After being defeated at Sword Valley, Mumkhar had second thoughts on killing Shulk and Dunban. After his final defeat at Indrax Desert, Mumkhar finally gives up killing Shulk and his friends, claiming that a Mechon body was much better than the Monado, and joins the party. In battle, Mumkhar is one of the speediest party members, and attacks with his claws and his Faced Mechon (if he uses his Talent Art). Hell Venom Talon: Mumkhar summons part of the Black Wreckage and performs a 3-hit claw combo. This deals heavy damage and has a high chance to inflict Poison on the opponent.


Arc 1: Beginning Arc

This arc chronicles Shulk's journey to avenge his presumed dead friend, Fiora, by killing Metal Face, a mysterious Faced Mechon.

Main Location: Bionis

Chapters: 10

Main Antagonist: Metal Face

Arc 2: Egil Arc

This arc chronicles Shulk and his friends' quest to stop Egil and his Mechon army on the Mechonis.

Main Location: Mechonis

Chapters: 5

Main Antagonist: Egil

Arc 3: Zanza Arc

This arc chronicles Shulk and his friends' quest to stop Zanza, God of Bionis, from destroying and regenerating all life.

Main Location: Bionis

Chapters: 5

Main Antagonist: Zanza

Arc 4: Giant Arc

This arc chronicles Shulk's journey to stop the Giants from destroying both Bionis and Mechonis.

Main Location: Monado Gigas

Chapters: 10

Main Antagonist: Agaraen


Prologue: Battle of Sword Valley

Location: Sword Valley

Joined Party Members: None

Bosses: None

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Location: Colony 9; Tephra Cave

Joined Party Members: Shulk; Reyn

Bosses: None

Chapter 2: Attack on Colony 9

Location: Colony 9

Joined Party Members: None

Bosses: Metal Face

Chapter 3: The Journey Up Begins

Locations: Tephra Cave

Joined Party Members: None

Bosses: Arachno Queen

Chapter 4: Welcome, Sharla

Location: Bionis' Leg

Joined Party Members: Sharls

Bosses: Mechon M71

Chapter 5: Colony 6

Locations: Bionis' Leg; Colony 6; Ether Mine

Joined Party Members: Dunban

Bosses: Xord

Chapter 6: To Satorl Marsh

Location: Satorl Marsh

Joined Party Members: None

Bosses: Satorl Guardian

Chapter 7: Forest of the Nopon

Locations: Makna Forest; Frontier Village

Joined Party Members: Melia; Riki

Bosses: Leone Telethia

Chapter 8: The Imperial City

Locations: Eryth Sea; Alcamoth; High Entia Tomb

Joined Party Members: None

Bosses: Solidum Telethia & Tyrea

Chapter 9: Battle on Prison Island

Location: Prison Island

Joined Party Members: None

Boss: Metal Face

Chapter 10: Metal Face's Secret

Location: Valak Mountain

Joined Party Members: None

Bosses: Mumkhar

Chapter 11: First Steps on Mechonis

Locations: Sword Valley; Galahad Fortress

Joined Party Members: None

Bosses: Mumkhar; Face Nemesis

Chapter 12: On the Fallen Arm

Location: Fallen Arm

Joined Party Members: Fiora

Bosses: None

Chapter 13: Jade Face

Location: Mechonis Field

Joined Party Members: None

Boss: Jade Face

Chapter 14: The Imperial Capital

Locations: Central Factory; Agniratha

Joined Party Members: None

Bosses: Gadolt; Egil; Yaldabaoth

Chapter 15: Battle for Bionis

Locatons: Central Factory; Mechonis Core

Joined Party Members: Gadolt

Boss: Yaldabaoth

Chapter 16: Zanza's Reawakening

Locations: Mechonis Core; Central Factory; Junks

Joined Party Members: None

Bosses: None

Chapter 17: Seizing the Future

Locations: Colony 6; Bionis' Interior

Joined Party Members: Egil

Bosses: Sureny Telethia; Sani Telethia; Disciple Lorithia

Chapter 18: To the Last Battle

Location: Prison Island

Joined Party Members: Dickson

Bosses: Dragon King Alcar; Disciple Dickson

Chapter 19: Passage of Fate

Location: Deus Fortress

Joined Party Members: None

Boss: Disciple Alvis

Chapter 20: The Fated Showdown

Location: Deus Fortress

Joined Party Members: Alvis

Boss: Zanza

Chapter 21: The Giants Return

Location: Alcamoth; Ceoljo Temple

Joined Party Members: Jaaldo

Bosses: Koudi Telethia; Giant Face

Chapter 22: The Aeger Sea

Location: Aeger Sea

Joined Party Members: None

Boss: Acra Telethia

Chapter 23: Einherjar

Locations: Vishnau Cave; Einherjar

Joined Party Members: None

Boss: Ragnarok

Chapter 24: Infiltrating the Factory

Location: Jatvar Peaks; Mountain Factory

Joined Party Members: Isene

Bosses: Giant Face; Face Ignis

Chapter 25: Isene's Sorrow

Location: Flame Outpost

Joined Party Members: None

Bosses: Shanoi Telethia; Face Ignis

Chapter 26: Leader of the Giants

Location: Griskol Fjord; Percival Citadel

Joined Party Members: Garsyl

Boss: Hailus Telethia; Mechon M126; Ragnarok

Chapter 27: Origins of the Giants

Location: Underwater Facility

Joined Party Members: None

Boss: Cerulean Face

Chapter 28: Rise of Yggdrasil

Location: Indrax Desert

Joined Party Members: None

Boss: Valhalla

Chapter 29: The Five Sages

Location: Brahmas Tower

Joined Party Members: Mumkhar

Boss: Mumkhar; Dáinn; Dvallin; Duneyrr; Durathrór; Eikthyrnir

Chapter 30: Yggdrasil

Location: Yggdrasil

Joined Party Members: None

Bosses: Valhalla; Agaraen; Yggdrasil

Boss Replay Mode

Boss Replay Mode is a new feature in Xenoblade Chronicles: Updated Edition. In this mode, you can replay every boss you defeated so far whenever you want, and you can choose your party members and even change your level! This mode is unlocked after you complete Chapter 10. Note: Some characters aren't playable for certain bosses. The bosses that you can face in this mode are:

  • Lv. 10 Metal Face (First Encounter)
  • Lv. 12 Arachno Queen
  • Lv. 18 Mechon M71
  • Lv. 25 Xord (First Encounter)
  • Lv. 25 Xord (Second Encounter)
  • Lv. 28 Satorl Guardian
  • Lv. 36 Leone Telethia
  • Lv. 38 Solidum Telethia and Tyrea
  • Lv. 42 Metal Face (Second Encounter)
  • Lv. 48 Mumkhar (First Encounter)
  • Lv. 52 Mumkhar (Second Encounter)
  • Lv. 55 Face Nemesis
  • Lv. 60 Jade Face
  • Lv. 68 Gadolt
  • Lv. 70 Egil
  • Lv. 72 Yaldabaoth (First Encounter)
  • Lv. 72 Yaldabaoth (Second Encounter)
  • Lv. 70 Sureny Telethia
  • Lv. 72 Sani Telethia
  • Lv. 75 Disciple Lorithia
  • Lv. 79 Dragon King Alcar
  • Lv. 80 Disciple Dickson
  • Lv. 83 Disciple Alvis
  • Lv. 84 Zanza (First Form)
  • Lv. 84 Zanza (Second Form)
  • Lv. 88 Koudi Telethia
  • Lv. 90 Giant Face (First Encounter)
  • Lv. 92 Acra Telethia
  • Lv. 95 Ragnarok (First Encounter)
  • Lv. 100 Giant Face (Second Encounter)
  • Lv. 104 Face Ignis (First Encounter)
  • Lv. 109 Shanoi Telethia
  • Lv. 110 Face Ignis (Second Encounter)
  • Lv. 113 Hailus Telethia
  • Lv. 118 Mechon M126
  • Lv. 120 Ragnarok (Second Encounter)
  • Lv. 124 Cerulean Face
  • Lv. 128 Valhalla (First Encounter0
  • Lv. 130 Mumkhar (Third Encounter)
  • Lv. 130 Dainn
  • Lv. 130 Dvallin
  • Lv. 132 Duneyrr
  • Lv. 132 Durathror
  • Lv. 134 Eikthyrnir
  • Lv. 141 Valhalla (Second Encounter)
  • Lv. 142 Agaraen
  • Lv. 144 Yggdrasil

Boss Rush Mode

Boss Rush Mode is a secondary mode in Boss Replay Mode. This mode requires you to defeat all of the bosses you have defeated so far with a healing chamber you can only use six times. This mode is unlocked after you complete Chapter 15.

Changes from the original Xenoblade

  • Mumkhar does not die. After Shulk convinces Dunban to spare Mumkhar, Mumkhar does not attack them, and flees, promising to get stronger and eventually kill them. After he flees, there's a quick cutscene with Mumkhar wondering if he could make amends with Dunban or not.
  • In the Galahad Fortress Depths, you only fight Face Nemesis, while Gold Face watches in the background. After you defeat her, Gold Face launches his Catastrophe attack, instantly leading to the cutscene afterwards.
  • The Gadolt fight in Agniratha is much easier, with Gadolt not summoning Defensive SHAMEs to assist him.
  • Gadolt doesn't sacrifice himself to save Shulk and his friends when Egil blows up Agniratha. Meyneth immediately protects everyone right before the blast consumes them. Later, he's seen in Jade Face when Miqol saves the party from falling from Mechonis.
  • Gadolt also joins your party at the beginning of Chapter 15 as your eighth party member. Jade Face will then remain in the Hidden Machina Village, unless one uses Gadolt's Talent Art.
  • When you face Egil in the Mechonis Core, Tragic Decision plays instead of An Obstacle In Our Path. After you destroy all of the Energy Devices, You Will Know Our Names plays instead.
  • Zanza does not destroy Mechonis, so Egil manages to escape Mechonis after wounding the Bionis. Egil and Miqol then reconcile, and Egil joins as the ninth party member. Yaldabaoth will remain in Colony 6, unless one uses Egil's Talent Art.
  • The Disciple Lorithia battle is easier, much like the Gadolt fight in Agniratha.
  • After defeating Disciple Dickson, Dickson doesn't die. He also reforms after the battle against him and joins the party as the tenth member.
  • To the Last Battle plays when you scale Deus Fortress. Hectic Pursuit of the Enemy now plays when you scale Prison Island for the second time.
  • You do not fight Zanza in Space. There will be a location called Deus Fortress (which floats above Prison Island) where you fight him.
  • The story doesn't end after defeating Zanza.
  • You don't visit Space until a future update.
  • Zanza only has two forms, and You Will Know Our Names will play during the second form.
  • After you defeat a boss, you can fight it again in the Boss Replay Mode.
  • There were many other people beside Arglas, Zanza, Dunban, and Shulk who wielded the Monado.
  • There will be a lot more forms for the Monado.
  • There will be a lot of new landmasses to explore.
  • There will be a story epilogue that shows us the fate of the party.
  • This version of Xeneoblade is canon; the original one is revealed to be not canon.
  • Time to Fight, Searching Glance, Vision Reacts, and The God-Slaying Sword are all removed from the soundtrack.
  • During battles, Irregular Bound replaces Pursuit of the Enemy, and Unfinished Battle replaces You Will Know Our Names when fighting Unique Monsters.
  • When fighting Mumkhar at Valak Mountain, Gadolt at Agniratha, Sureny Telethia at Colony 6, and Disciple Dickson at Prison Island, Engage the Enemy will play.
  • Mechanical Rhythm is now the normal battle theme for Bionis battles.


  • Shulk and Fiora eventually get married. Reyn was Shulk's best man.
  • Reyn went on to be the best soldier in Colony 9, even impressing Colonel Vangarre. He also married Isene.
  • Sharla and Gadolt finally get married. Otharon was the priest, and Juju was Sharla's best man.
  • Dunban and Mumkhar, now friends again, train for any possible oncoming wars.
  • Melia became the new queen of Alcamoth, with the spirits of Kallian and Sorean watching her.
  • Riki was hailed as "the best Heropon there ever was". Chief Dunga even had a big party for him--Riki invited all of his friends.
  • Egil and Melia sign a peace treaty that secures the peace between Bionis and Mechonis. Egil also vows to keep the peace between the two races.
  • Dickson leaves to parts unknown.
  • Alvis became Melia's advisor.
  • Isene becomes the new Captain of the Guards of Einherjar.
  • Garsyl reclaimed his status became the leader of the Giants after Agaraen's demise, and restored peace to the Monado Gigas.

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