XenoLyth is an action-adventure animated TV show about 6 friends in a strange fantastical world, facing many foes and having random misadventures.


Tag along for the escapes of a group of eight friends - Axyll, Eva, Leah, Danny, Brandon, and Taylor, -  as they go on many strange adventures, fighting evil monsters and getting through the many obstacles in their strange lives on Planet Isis.

Main Characters

  • Axyll: An optimistic but somewhat awkward teen, Axyll usually tries to go with the flow and make the most sense out of everything, but events that occur often don't let him. He has pyrokinesis, and is the unofficial leader of the group. 
  • Brandon: Axyll's sarcastic friend, Brandon has electric powers, as well as a sharp tongue. He is the wise cracking comic relief of the group, you could say. 
  • Eva: A master sword wielder, Eva has trouble understanding sarcasm sometimes, but other then that she is quite smart and is very friendly towards others.
  • Danny: A cocky yet noble angel warrior, Danny mostly gets around using the two wings on his back, as his left leg was broken in a grueling battle midway through the first season. He wields the Flarebringer Sword, and usually engages in friendly competition with Axyll.
  • Leah: A lone medic, Leah has telekinesis and is usually the best at healing wounds, but some are beyond her abilities. (Such as Danny's leg.) She usually spends her time alone, but is willing to help her friends when in need and is very loyal at heart.
  • Taylor: While not the brightest crayon in the bunch, Taylor is extremely friendly and loyal, if a bit crazy at times. She also wields a bow of light.

Minor Characters

  • Sam: Samuel is a warrior who can control water and has other weather-like abilities, but is known for missing things. He is humurous, but usually straight-forward when on missions. 
  • Marina: The oldest out of the gang, Marina is skilled and experienced in combat, but she likes having some fun and enjoys pulling little tricks on the others. But she knows when to be serious and when not to be. 



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