The minions in Xbox All-Stars Battle Royale are unlocked by reaching rank 8 with a certain character. The minions can be selected from you're profile, an appear during you're character's entrance, win, or lose animation, and when a successful KO is pulled off with the character.

List of Minions

Image Character Franchise Unlocking Conditions
20111229022839!Albert Wesker-UMvsC3 Albert Wesker Resident Evil Reach Rank 8 with Nemesis.
AlexBrandUpdatedEdit Alex Brand Gears of War Reach Rank 8 with Marcus Fenix.
161572 tool Bandage Girl Super Meat Boy Reach Rank 8 with Meat Boy.
Berri (Conker's Bad Fur Day) Berri Conker's Bad Fur Day Reach Rank 8 with Conker.
Spawn Cogliostro Cogliostro Spawn Reach Rank 8 with Spawn.
Cortana H4 Render Cortana HALO Reach Rank 8 with Master Chief.
Creeper SMSS2AB Creeper Minecraft Reach Rank 8 with Steve.
Mumbo Mumbo Jumbo Banjo-Kazooie Reach Rank 8 with Banjo and Kazooie.
P-body P-Body Portal Reach Rank 8 with Chell.
Pink lollipopz Pink Knight Castle Crashers Reach Rank 8 with the Knights.
N/A Vitale Skullgirls Reach Rank 8 with Cerebella.
Zola Blue Dragon Reach Rank 8 with Shu.

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