Xavier (Alyssa)
Xavier in a pink pallette
Full Name Xavier Kapan
Current Age 20
Date of Birth 20 July 2009
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Kiedswit, Poland
Current Status Alive
Ethnicity Polish
Height 5'5 (165cm)
Weight 110 lbs (49kg)
First Appearance Alyssa

Xavier Kapan is a human male who lives in Kiedswit, Poland. He will appear in the game, Alyssa. In this game, he works as a detective who helps to protect the lives of his friends and unveil a killer on the loose in his town.


Xavier was born in Kiedswit, Poland. He was much younger than his sister, who had to take care of him after his parents abandoned him and his sister both. Soon after he turned 18, his sister was kidnapped. He felt powerless after he tried as hard as possible to apprehend the kidnapper. Months later, his sister was never found and she was declared dead. Xavier decided that it was necessary for him to stop all possible incidents similar to this from happening in the same way, and became a detective under the Kiedswit police force.

General Information

Physical Appearance

Xavier is a short man who has long, straightened dark hair and brown eyes. He normally wears a red hoodie, along with a white shirt underneath and blue jeans. Also, he wears black shoes.


Xavier is pretty independent, and therefore is a good leader to the group. He is pretty polite towards those he is close to, though it is hard to gain his trust. He wants to protect others, and will put his own life on the line for the sake of his close companions.


Xavier works as a leader to the group, as he is good at predicting what might happen next and at leading the others in the right direction.



Xavier is very close to his sister, Jocelyn. Jocelyn had to raise Xavier as he had no one else to do it. They both care a lot for each other and would be devastated if anything happened to the other.

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