X (BowieQuest)
Full Name X
Current Age  ???
Gender Presumed and referred to as male
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Itself
First Appearance BowieQuest α
X, sometimes known as Xperi, is a battery developed by a team of monkey scientists in events prior to BowieQuest α that went out of control. It is said to be responsible for the Monkey Mass Murder, having used Bowie's deceased skin from a future time period to disguise its true identity. In every way, X rivals Bowie, having his abilities and actions as well as his own abilities.


When the planet was rotting due to environmental destruction from the Gorilla Army, a team that caused a whole lot of destructive duties such as mass murder and constant area bombardment, a group of monkey scientists developed a machine that would fight the opposing army and restore the planet back to proper order. The machine was equipped with time travelling functions to bring over future inventions and was also equipped with massive weapons to fight off the Gorilla Army. However, one of the scientists was disguised as a GA member and in silence recoded the machine to obey his commands.

Upon being awoken, it murdered the scientist that tried to control it and went to the future, taking Bowie's deceased skin and taking it for its own, stuffing wiring in it to control electricity throughout the suit. It then went back to the present and killed off the Gorilla Army like it was supposed to, but it eliminated most of the monkey race due to them looking like that one scientist. The event was said to traumatize Endal, who proceeded to become evil.


Brawl of the Fandraxonians

X is an unlockable speed character in the game, being very reliable with power and speed but having extremely frail defense and a horrid magic stat.

His home stage is Mountainside Terror.


X has many of Bowie's abilities, but also possess some of its own.  It can crash software on other technology via hacking and it can fire radioactive lasers from its body.  It is capable of manipulating people into doing its commands for a short amount of time.


X has very little personality, being developed just to restore the environment but also coded to destroy species due to a coding error left behind by the Gorilla Army scientist. It feels no sympathy for others and is just doing what it thought it was supposed to do, which is not the case but refuses to believe otherwise.



  • X's Bowie skin is based upon an old design of Bowie that was used before the franchise's reboot.