XICo is a new Nintendo console. It is the sucessor of the Wii U

Controllers Avaible

The avaible controllers are: Wii Remote, Nunchuck, Gamecube Controller and Nintendo X Gamepad.

Features That Come Back From the Wii U

The Wii Balance Board can be used in certain games. The Miiverse can also be acessed in this console. Motion controls are back, but they are more precise.

Nintendo XICo Keyboard

The XICo Keyboard is a tiny keyboard that looks like a computer keyboard. It can be used to write things, such as when you need to choose your character's name. It is an optional accesory.

Nintendo XICo Speaker

The Nintendo XICo Speaker is a tiny microphone. It can be used to talk with NPCs. For example, if a NPC asks you if you liked his music, you can either say "yes" or "no". Saying things that don't make sense like "happy" to this example NPC does not affect anything.

Games for this console

Super Smash Brothers - The Ultimate Fight

Xcellent Classics - Super Mario 64

How covers look like


An example of what the covers for Nintendo X games look like.

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