X2 Chaos
Developer(s) Namcom
Publisher(s) Sony

Nintendo Microsoft

Platform(s) Playstation 2

Gamecube Xbox PSP DS

Release Date(s)
November 15 2005 (NA)

November 18 2005 (EU) November 27 2005 (AUS) December 17 2005 (JP)

Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Everyone 10+
Genre(s) Action Adventure, Science Fiction
Media Included Mild Violence, Crude Humor
X2 Chaos is a game in that serves as a spin off to the Skip and Sqak Series. The game involves Professor X2 (serving as the Main Protagonist, rather than Antagonist) getting kicked out of the Red Ant Scientist Group due to his "freindship" with his enemies from Skip and Sqak 3. He must get revenge on the group.


The game takes place right after Skip and Sqak 3, Professor X2 is called by his boss Sekto to go to a meeting. Once going there, the Members of the Red Ant Scientist Group tell him he is no longer a member of the group for teaming up with Skip and Sqak and kick him out. X2 vows to get revenge on the Red Ant Scientists for removing him from the group, so he decides to destroy their plans for domination.

With the help of his SSSSS Team, X2 is determined to get revenge on the Red Ants as he goes around defeating many Scientists along with the SSFF, who are fighting them as well. Through out the game, X2 goes out trying to get his revenge on the Red Ants while bumping into the SSFF over and over.




  • The game features X2 as the Main Protagonist.
  • This game focuses more on the Red Ants and their traditions.