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The company's current logo.
Type of Company Game producing company
Founder(s) Heartphilia (Talk)
Founded at/in March 1999, Japan
Area(s) Served Australia, Europe, Japan, South Korea (usually), United States
Owner(s) Heartphilia (Talk)
Employee(s) Heartphilia (Talk)
Parent Nintendo

X-Scissor is a company that is affiliated with Nintendo, Sega, and many others. The head of the company is Heartphilia (Talk). The company makes video games of many different kinds, although they seem to be most successful in making RPGs. The engine used for their RPGs is the X Engine.


Series and Protagonist

Fantendo Iterum

X-Scissor will be presenting at the upcoming Fantendo Iterum. They will be presenting the following games: Tatakai! 2, showing off some newcomers; Osakaland, showing its entire concept basically; and Project Dreamer, revealing lots of information, such as the project's official name.


  • X-Scissor is named after the Bug-type Pokémon move of the same name.
  • The universe that most of their series take place in is known as the Osakaverse.


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