Wyvane Koopa
Wyvane by Topaz (tbc)
Full Name Wyvane
Current Age 21
Date of Birth February 20th, 1996
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Vengeance Sword
Vulnerable To Stomp / Chest stabs
First Appearance Zaxina

Wyvane is one of the various Koopalings, being one of the oldest of them. Unlike the others, Wyvane seems to have no true alliance with the Koopa Troop nor anyone else in particular, being a standalone foe to the famous Super Mario. Wyvane seems to be into various other strategies and ideals that seem to contrast the other Koopalings as well, to the point where he is an antagonist of an upcoming game.

Game Appearances



Wyvane seems to be a tall Koopaling with Iggy's build, although he's very dark in color skin-wise. His body is mostly covered with black and crimson armor, with shoulder blades that have a dragon symbol on them for purposes currently unknown. His hands and feet seem to be free from armor and his face is covered by a black mask that seems to have aged from constant use. His mask goes around his head, having an opening at the top where his crimson ponytail flows out. His back seems to be covered in ridges instead of the traditional Koopaling shell.


Wyvane was born in the Mushroom Kingdom, although where and by who is unknown. He was raised by the Toads of that Kingdom, who told him that Bowser - and whoever else happened to be king of the Koopa Kingdom at those times - was evil and that he should always avoid him at all costs. As Wyvane turns out to be very loyal, he never met the Koopa King on his own accord, and never battled alongside him. At the age of ten, he got curious about the world outside and wanted to leave the kingdom, which Toadsworth allowed him to do as there seemed to be no harm in letting him do that.

Wyvane spent his next three years going through various exercises. He went through much growth via eating many vegetables and via properly walking every day. His loyalty to not attacking the Mushroom Kingdom caught a knight's attention one day, and via curiosity Wyvane asked him what knights are and what they do. Following the explanation, Wyvane took an immediate interest in chivalry and went out to get his own suit made, although he painted it with extra material to make it look unique and differing from other Koopas.

One day however through Dimble Wood, Wyvane was ambushed by a lot of Sockops, which forced his head into the body of them and got his mind partially sucked up. Although he was able to escape, his mind was heavily wounded and loyalty to the Mushroom Kingdom alongside many other memories left his mind. Upon returning to the Mushroom Kingdom, he attacked it, and while he was stopped very soon afterward, it gave Bowser a chance to overtake the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnap the princess once more, which caused people to get angry with the Koopaling they once knew and partially loved. They kicked him out of the kingdom.

Unsatisfied with this "betrayal", Wyvane left the area to go continue on his own journey, slashing anyone, be it Toad or Koopa, in his way. Despite attempts from Bowser to get him to join them, he refused and settled on his own paths.

There's a chance I may rewrite this - Ice and I are talking.


Wyvane seems to be skilled in a variety of abilities, specifically pyrokinesis and agility. Wyvane can breathe fire like most other Koopalings, although he tends to breathe it in very small amounts, as in miniature meteor showers. He can also glow fire on his own body and make his suit super heated so that he can burn anyone who touches him, except for fire elementals as they shouldn't be able to actually be burnt.

Wyvane is also amazing in movement. He can run very quickly and jump high, although his traction is like that of ice and he can slam right into a wall when he's not careful of his own feet's slide tendencies. With his armor off, he goes at a higher jump and a lower speed, although he is still slippery.

Wyvane also has armor that can prove hard to break through, although if his chest is hit he can suffer a lot of damage no matter if the armor is on or not. As such, he will usually try to defend his chest but that leaves his head vulnerable and he can only defend one position at once, so he'll do one thing or the other. If Wyvane's front is hit hard enough, he will fall to the floor, and his front can be stomped, making him take damage.


Wyvane seems to be very loyal to others, always doing things fairly unless in a rage in which he loses all respect. He is very self centered as he thinks he is the best the world has ever seen and will almost always attack with brutality in battle unless it breaks legit rules in a battle. He has strong hatred for others but will never take it out fully on them unless he is very angered. He brags a lot about his swordsmanship when he's in a conversation with others and will usually twirl his ponytail in response.

He tends to speak with a French accent.

Relationships with Other Characters


Ever since Wyvane has heard bad things about King Bowser, he has never really liked him. He views the king as a fat, lazy loser who cannot best a plumber with the large and yet incredibly dumb army he happens to hold.

Other Koopalings

Ludwig von Koopa

Wyvane and Ludwig never met eye to eye on things on the rare occasions they clash together. They seem to spark a small rivalry of sorts, as the two are rather bent on beating one another: Magic against Chivalry. Neither Koopaling seems to win against the other, and the way the battles end is usually by Bowser interrupting their fight to get Ludwig to do something better with his life.

Justin Koopa*

Wyvane seems to think that Justin is okay when compared to most of the other Koopalings.  Why is rather unclear.

Kevin Koopa*

Wyvane is fond of Kevin's powerful strength and wishes to build a body that rivals that of his or to become even stronger than him.  Otherwise, Wyvane doesn't seem to think of Kevin much.

Poopbutt Koopa*

Wyvane tends to actually hang around Poopbutt a bit because he finds him generally interesting.  Although if he comes too close Wyvane swears to strike him with his sword.



  • Despite no direct relations to Bowser, it's been rumored that he has blood that relates to that of Iggy Koopa. Whether or not this is true is unknown.
  • Wyvane's name is derived from "wyvern" due to the fact that he was said to have a mother for a dragon according to legend. (although it's been revealed at some point that no dragon gave him birth, thus leaving him with still unknown parents)
    • ...Which makes not only Pokémon relevant to that franchise, but also the Super Mario franchise.
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