Wynter the Wolf
Full Name Queen Wynter Jade Wolf
Current Age 17
Date of Birth December 14, 1998
Gender Female
Species Wolf
Location Himalayas
Current Status Alive
Class Hero, Villain
Main Weapon(s) Speed
Weight 90 lbs.
Hair color Light blue

Wynter the wolf is a furry created by Emerald. She is a alternate counterpart of Blaze the Cat. She rules the Himalayas. Her best friend is Rouge the Bat, Frost the Falco, and Everest the Iguana. Wynter is currently 17. Her skill is speed.


Wynter's fur color is somewhat a darkish blue color. She is very tall and has a light blue Mohawk. Her eyes are emerald green. She wears short shorts and wears a bra. She wears fingerless gloves.


Wynter is a neutral character. She doesn't seem to like Knuckles, Wave, Professor Rewsneed, and Tails, but likes Sonic, Jet, Storm, and Captain Whiskers.


  • Wynter's team in Sonic Heroes: Evolution is Team Ice and her teammates are Frost the Falcon (Frost is flight) and Everest the Iguana (Everest is power).