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This is the official site for the Fantendo second party developer Vined Inc. Here you will find the latest information on our games and any other news.



Kooper, the current mascot


Jenny, the former mascot

The company didn't have a mascot for a long time until it's first mascot came out with the released of the first game of their first series. Vined Inc's original mascot was Jenny the main protaganist of the Police Acadamy Series. However it was recently changed to Kooper, who is one of the characters in Kolorado's Kwest the first game in the new Paper Partners Series which has recieved a lot of advertising in games such as Super Nintendo Band!, Super Mario MHL: Series 2 and Mario Rugby League 2.

March 2009

More Pokemon?

Coming soon we have another Pokemon game coming out, running with some rejected ideas from Dark and Light with an even more Iron and Amber feel, set around five to ten years after Iron and Amber so expect some cameos! Our first map screenshot of the region, see how north it is, hmm I think I've seen a place around there before, I wonder where!

February 2009

See it all! New Logo and Somebody's Old Game

On the 20th March 2008 Pokemon Iron and Amber was released and we became burst onto the scene, since then we've created dozens of games a year later on March 20th 2009 we are set to release PokeSmash a game that was started by A22 games however we then picked it up and changed it a lot. We also used this game to demonstrate our new logo with the Yellow and Black V instead of the green V wrapped with Vines. We like it do you?

We also have an entire catalog of what we've accomplished with the game Wrapped Up if you remember Pokemon Iron, Amber, Copal, Timber's Island, Coco Burger, Fantastic Red's Fearsome Follies, Kolorado's Kwest, Diaper Duty Series, Hey You, Pichu!, Captain N and the Police Acadamy series. It's a complete mix up and best of all it's canon for all of our games, ever wondered who the last star child was? Do you want to not wait until the next Police Acadamy game to find out what happened with Reggie? Do you miss Chuck? and do you want to see more Kooper! This is the game for you!

Dual Tones

We've gone back to pokemon for Pokemon Dark and Light which are set in ancient times sort of, it ties in with canon from the Police Acadamy series to with the nation of Kantojo, so be excited people! There will indeed be a third game along with Dark and Light however it is not anything like Dark and Light, be prepared to be shocked!


We would like to announce that Jenny and Joy from the Police Acadamy Series will be appearing in the crossover game Fantendo Silence as allies during the Pokemon World.

Back to the Islands Man

We've put the Nursing School series on hiatus for a while as we've just released Nursing School: The Lost Island which takes place a year prior to the start of Police Acadamy so we can't really have two stories running at the same time, or can we? You'll just have to wait and see, but we can tell you that this isn't the last time that you'll see Joy's magic.

January 2009

Nintendo Princesses Update

While A22 Games has also made an update confirming a new villain for the game I would like to take this chance to tell you all that Princess Lara from Captain N will also make an apperance in a way that you wouldn't expect. Her apperance was supposed to be a suprise but we thought you could know now, just to be nice.

Happy Australia Day

January 26th is a great day for all Australians :)

Captain N

We have reinvented the classic television series Captain N: The Game Master and turned it into a great game that you will love! We've changed some names and some roles but it all fits in modern Nintendo place, sadly we couldn't find a spot for our beloved Kooper.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everybody, hopefully your 2009 is better than your 2008! Our New Years resolution is to tell you about our new game Mario Singalong Legends! a cross over with the Legend of Zelda series, you'll love it! (we hope!)

December 2008

Oi You!

As if we hadn't reminded you enough that we were from Australia with games like Animal Crossing Down Under, LEGO Pokemon: The Video Game and Mario Rugby League. We take to this chance to exploit our series Mario Singalong! Series to present to you Mario Singalong Down Under! Singalong to all of your favourite Aussie songs!


We have been talking about it for nearly three months now but we have finally released the game you have been waiting for Police Acadamy: SCPD, we hope that you liked it and *spoilers* sorry Reggie fans, you'll like the next game more!

Merry Christmas

We would like to take this message to say Merry Christmas to everybody and second of all we would like you warm up your vocal chords for Mario Singalong Superstar! with all of the biggest hits of 2008! Keep a look out for Mario Singalong 80s! and Mario Singalong Country! very soon!

What exactly is this Legend?

As you may know so far we've only worked on three main series the Mario series, the Donkey Kong series and the Pokemon series as well as our spin offs the Police Acadamy Series, the Diaper Duty Series and the Paper Partners Series however we are crossing over into The Legend of Zelda series.

With a new series comes a new genre as well we are creating a MMORPG based on the Legend of Zelda series so you will be able to traverse across Hyrule as your own custom character from your favourite races such as Hylians and Zoras! With our new game Legend of Zelda: Online.

Who are these people?!?!

Here are three new partners from future Paper Partners games, who are they we can't say and what game will they be in? Also a mystery!

First is a Cosmic Toad, see the Toad with the stars on his cap! Doesn't he Look smart! Second of all we have a female(?) Paratroopa, wait is that really girl? She says so? Must be a girl then. Finally we have a pink chain chomp, who's a good girl! Down Girl! Down!

Paper Partners New Partner

A third installment featuring Watt as the first partner will be made by A22 Games and will be released before Goombaria's Great Adventure but don't worry it's still coming!

New Mascot

Jenny the protagnaist of the Police Acadamy Series has been our mascot for quite a while however we are replacing her with Kooper, the first partner from Kolorado's Kwest and the mascot of the Paper Partners Series. Don't worry Jenny will still turn up in the Police Acadamy series as well as many cross-series games!

Police Acadamy Six and Nursing School Three

We have allready announced that yes there will be a Police Acadamy Six and it's coming soon, don't worry! But now we'd like to give you the oppurtunity to release it's title Police Acadamy: SCPD with Jenny and Marble as detectives in the Saffron City Police Department.

In further Police Acadamy news, there will indeed be a third Nusing School game following the exploits of Joy and her friends Amber, Lostelle and Misty. It will take one year prior to the events of Police Acadamy: Training and will start to see the formation of the character of Joy as you know her now!

Paper Partners?!?!

After the succuss of Kolorado's Kwest we would like to announce the formation of a new series the Paper Partners Series which will have a game focused around each of the partners from the first Paper Mario. The next two games are Fearsome Red's Fantastic Follies with Sushie the Cheep Cheep and Goombaria's Great Adventure with Goombario the Goomba.

At the moment we are also investigating the idea of a game with Bombette and Dane T. in combination.

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