Wuhu Travel
AmericanBoxart WT
Developer(s) NinRMAX (defunct during development)

Figment Software


Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of USA July 10, 2016

25px-Flag of Japan June 19, 2016

25px-Flag of Europe July 17, 2016

Genre(s) Simulation


Wuhu Travel is a 2016 life-simulation game for the Wii U. It was originally developed by NinRMAX but went defunct during development and was replaced with Figment Software. Similar to the Animal Crossing series, you move to a new place, get a house to live in, and make new friends. The game makes use of the Wii U's clock and calendar to simulate passage of time. It is the second best selling Wii U game worldwide, with Mario Kart 8 being the first.

In America, the game was bundled with a black Wii Remote MotionPlus. The game was also bundled with every black Wii U in Europe until its discontinuation.

Nintendo eShop Description

Welcome to Wuhu Island! Escape to reality with your Mii while you make friends, play sports, create your dream home and more! Bring some friends along too, because four players can play together as well! Use the Wii U GamePad to get a 360° view of the island and use the Wii Remote to swing a racket and a golf club, shoot a goal and more! You can also use Miiverse to get hints from players around the world, some will even appear downtown!


Players control their own Mii character living in Wuhu Island with other Mii characters which have ten personality types. Players can also play sports within various locations in the island, grow trees, make friends, fish, decorate and upgrade their homes, shop for various outfits, play NES games, adopt pets, and explore the island. There is also a multiplayer mode where two through four players can explore the island, play sports, and more.

There are also various missions players can complete to recieve items such as clothing and Mii Coins.

List of sports

  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Table Tennis
  • Air Sports (Skydiving, hot-air ballooning, airplane)
  • Frisbee
  • Golf
  • Bowling
  • Archery
  • Jet Ski
  • Canoeing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Swordplay
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Go-kart racing
  • Segway
  • Fishing
  • Balloon

List of NES games

  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Donkey Kong
  • Donkey Kong Junior
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Clu Clu Land
  • Wrecking Crew
  • Urban Champion


The game started off as an idea Super Mario and Legend of Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto had while needing to create more games for the Wii series in 2007, he wanted a life simulator similar to Animal Crossing featuring Miis. However staff at Nintendo EAD thought this idea was too similar. A year later, the Mii Mask feature was introduced at E3 2008 while revealing Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii. Despite criticism at Nintendo EAD, Miyamoto still created concept art for his idea and showcased it in 2009 with the working title of "Wii Life". The team were very fond of the idea and agreed to help him work on the game.

However, due to hardware limitations, the game was cancelled. Shigeru Miyamoto still kept the concept art on his desk for two years.

When the Wii U was announced in 2011, Miyamoto once again showcased his concept art for Wii Life, but in a different name titled "Wii Life U". The team accepted to work on the game with him and started development, but due to other projects Miyamoto needed to work on such as Super Mario 3D World and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, the game was delayed. After finishing these games, the members of the team got together and worked on the game for good with the game being announced at E3 2015 with a playable demo available at the expo.

Launch Campaign

In Times Square, New York City, Nintendo of America held a launch event to promote the game simillar to Wii Sports Resort's launch event. Nintendo brought fifty tons of sand, activites like Table Tennis which could be played, various food and drinks, a steel drum band that played various songs like the Super Mario Bros. theme, a lounge area, and demo stations of the game itself.


An airplane is seen flying, the camera pans over inside the plane where your Mii you selected at the start of the game is seen. An unnamed Mii near you asks you questions like where you're heading, your favorite sport and more. After answering, the intercom on the plane says that the plane is arriving at Wuhu Island.
Wuhu Island-0

Wuhu Island, where Wuhu Travel takes place.

The plane then lands at Wuhu Airport, where the owner of Wuhu Homes tells you to follow her, she then takes you to Wuhu Homes where you're able to purchase a home that you can upgrade.

After purchasing one, you can upgrade it by earning Mii Coins, purchasing items from the Wuhu Town Gift Shop and more.

When earning platinum medals on all sports, the same unnamed Mii seen on the flight to Wuhu Island runs towards you, and has heard the news about you earning the medals. He then tells you the truth about himself, revealing that he was once the king of Wuhu Island, and resided in Summerstone Castle. After that, he gives you his crown to wear and declares you the champion and king of the island.


Wuhu Town

  • Wuhu Homes
  • Wuhu Mart
  • Wuhu Island Gift Shop
  • Bowling Alley
  • Basketball Court
  • Club Wuhu
  • Wii Love Pets
  • Fixed Clock Tower
  • Starboard Harbor
  • Hillside Cabins
  • Red Iron Bridge
  • Swordplay Colosseum
  • The Queen Peach
  • Wishing Fountain

Beach Area

  • Sugarsand Beach
  • Beginner's Wakeboarding Area
  • Wuhu Airport
  • Starry Beach
  • Sweet Beach
  • Camel Rock
  • Frisbee Dog Park
  • Cocoba Hotel
  • Pool Patio
  • Tennis Court
  • Palm Boulevard

Wedge Island

  • Golf Area A
  • Golf Area B
  • Golf Area C
  • Wedge Island Marina
  • Crab Rock
  • Nineteenth Hole Hotel

Mountain Area

  • Summerstone Falls
  • Summerstone Castle
  • The King's Statue
  • Duckling Lake
  • Lone Cedar
  • Maka Wuhu
  • Mountain Monument
  • Lava Monument


  • The Fallen Car
  • The Candle
  • Pirate's Eye
  • Sundown Point
  • Wind Orchard
  • Gateway to Wuhu
  • Whale Watchers
  • Diving Spot
  • Private Island
  • Deserted Island
  • Haunted Island
  • The Sea Caddy
  • Heart of Maka Wuhu
  • Toppled Momument
  • Lava Tube
  • Swaying Bridge
  • Stillwater Grotto
  • Footbridge
  • Mysterious Ruins
  • Silk Sands
  • Island Loop Tunnel 1
  • Island Loop Tunnel 2
  • Cliffside Ruins
  • Mountain Hikers
  • Cabana Lagoon


In Wuhu Travel, you are able to purchase many clothing items from the Wuhu Island Gift Shop, Wuhu Mart, and from NPCs. Note that this list is not finished.


  • Baseball Cap - Doesn't matter if you're wearing it while playing baseball or just because, it looks good either way!
  • Red Hero Cap - Just wearing this cap will make you feel like saving a princess in a faraway land.
  • Green Hero Cap - Legend has it that this cap once belonged to a tall, lanky man that once hunted down ghosts with only a vacuum!
  • Squid Wig - Wearing this wig will make you a squid, now!
  • Peppy Pop-Star Wig - Hold on to your tentacles...
  • Sassy Pop-Star Wig - It's Inkopolis News time!
  • Clown Wig - You could light up a whole room with this colorful wig! 
  • King's Crown - Believe it or not, this was worn by the king of Wuhu Island back in the day. He gave this crown to you for receiving all platinum medals on all sports.
  • Teddy Bear Cap - A cute cap based off a cute toy.
  • Light Blue Cap - Did you know that the dolphin on this cap actually resides in Wuhu Island?
  • Top Hat - Sadly, there's no rabbit included in this hat.
  • Cowboy Hat - YEEEEHAW!
  • Chef Hat - Wearing this hat makes you want to cook a nice, yummy meal.


  • Hawaiian Shirt - Tons of tourists wear this shirt.
  • Chef Outfit - There's something about this outfit that smells really nice...
  • Red Hero Suit - Are you craving mushrooms, (player name)?
  • Green Hero Suit - Are you scared of ghosts, (player name)?
  • Peachy Dress - Try not to get kidnapped by a Koopa while wearing this dress.
  • Green Tunic - Da da da daaaa!
  • White Tuxedo - How fancy!
  • Gift Shop Uniform - Express your loyalty of the Wuhu Island Gift Shop by wearing the shop's employee uniform.
  • Business Suit - How formal!

amiibo Support

Amiibo can be scanned into Wuhu Travel by using the "Miibo Machine" across the island. All amiibo are supported in which they can unlock Mii Coins but some can be used to unlock special clothing based off the character that was scanned.

amiibo Items

References to other games

  • Super Mario series: The red hero cap and suit is based on Mario's outfit and the green hero cap and suit is based on Luigi's outfit.
  • Luigi's Mansion: Luigi hunting down ghosts is referenced in the description for the Green Hero Suit and Cap.
  • Super Mario Bros.: Sound effects from the game is heard in Hillside Cabins.
  • Balloon Fight: The minigame "Balloon" is based off the Balloon Trip mode.


  • NPCs are the same computer Miis featured in Wii Sports, Wii Party, and more.
  • There is five times more dialogue in the game than the average RPG.