Wuhu Island is a starter stage from the Wii universe, first appearing in Wii Sports Resort. It is a playable stage in Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse. Like London, this stage travels throughout the island, taking combatants in various locations to fight.


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Universe Wii Sports Resort
Home Stage To None
Availability Starter


Wuhu Island is an island and the main location in the game Wii Sports Resort. Like London, Wuhu Island is a traveling stage, which travels throughout various locations of the island, taking combatants in various locations to fight. The battle starts from a floating platform, which starts from the sea, and starts floating, same as it does in Delphino Plaza. The platform where the battle takes place involves 3 platforms, like Battlefield. The stage also features a day and night system, contstantly changing from day to evening and night. Below is a list of all the destinations of the stage.

Red Gate Bridge

The Red Gate Bridge can be seen in the picture above. It is a medium-sized arena where players can only die by falling upwards or sidewards from the screen.

The Town

Combatants fight in the rooftops and the sidewalk of the town, which can also be seen in the picture above. It is a medium sized stage. There is also a wishing fountain in the middle of the stage where players can fight on and eject them upwards.


Wii-sports-resort-20080715110334404 640w

The Colosseum

A spherical arena in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by a large audience of Mii and supported by large pillars, combatants can fight on this small-sized arena and even fall off it, ending up swimming in the waters. Once fallen, players will instantly die.

Lakeside Castle

Lakeside Castle is a Disney-like themed castle, only much smaller, next to a wide, placid lake. Players can fight on top of the castle, having a background view of the sky and the ocean. Players can also swim in the nearby lake. The stage is medium sized.

Mt. Tenganamanga

The highest peak of the volcano in the resort island (can be seen in the picture), combatants can fight on top of it. However, the platform does not vanish once it reaches it but it simply stops, making the players unable to fall inside it. The mount will sometimes release smoke which will blind the human player for a certain amount of time.

Mysterious Ancient Ruins

Rarely will the platform stop here. Players fight on top of a ancient ruin, located behind of the volcano, near an edge. It is medium to small sized level.

Seaside Hotel

Players fight on top of the rooftops of the hotel. Players can die by either falling of the screen horizontally, or upwards. At nightime, fireworks can be seen illuminating the night sky.

Sunset Cape

A small sized stage, players fight near a cliff with a beautiful background view of the sky and the ocean. The stage features a subliminal hazard, the moon at nightime and the sundown at evening which is remarkably beautiful.

Menhirs of Ember

Inside the volcano, players battle in a pile of rocks, submerged in a lava lake. Players can only die by falling upwards. By touching the lava, players receive 20% damage and an upward knockback.

The Whale Shark

The Whale Shark is actually a large blimp which flies over the island in circles. Players can battle on top of it. It is a small sized stage where players can fall off it and instantly die. If a player touches the propeller at the back of the blimp, he receives 150% damage and an instant KO.

Music Played

Bolded ones must be unlocked.

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