Wrigen Adventures is an adventure and action game created by Fantendo Games , MigmagFondations and Studios GX. It's also a retro-style game, very well done and well imagined. It was poorly received at first by IGN, but by others. Later, it was the turn of Royals All Tests to test it and they appreciate good, but saying " This game is a version with both HD ", and later on Wii U will become apparent in 2016. Basically, it was released for the Nintendo DS in 2008, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS in 2011 the same year. It will be very appreciated.

History and sypnosis

A young evil wizard has imprisoned the princess of the kingdom of Karala and with his evil inventions, he called full of enemies.

You will discover from 8 equally different worlds to deliver the princess and kill the evil mage. There are exclusive DLCs on 3DS, also on Wii U version still exclusive. DLCs ​​to get "exclusive" Wii U 3DS, one must possess the Wii U version and import 3DS (it's free, and does not clear DLC on Wii U) and with the same on 3DS.

Notes and tests

Because of translation, IGN has not missed them with the phrases "you gonna die for" with a lack of orthografe going on is going, "I kill you. To save the world." that is horrible, which could translate into "I'll kill you. To save / save the world." or "For Fantendo Games created" that is other than "Created By Fantendo Games" that appeared on the end credits of the Wii version, quickly corrected. IGN has noted the 59%. rated them 16/20 because the gameplay was very successful, although the sentences were maltraduites French and allemend. They also said that "this is the game for beginners, they will be interested quickly playing this!" All Tests Royals confirmed that .

All Tests Royal, where the ATR has recorded with a 18.5 / 20, which is a lot and enjoying FanATR score was 17.7658 / 20. For age (which is the role of All Tests Royals), they classified -5 years for mild violence and scary enemies.



There is only one character is Wrigen where Wrig'n 'in the American version and not in the british release). This is also the greatest character who crosses except the monsters and the mage. Moreover, in the HD version of the Wii U is a stylish character, detailed but smaller.

There also exist other characters, but they are NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) , which are almost all enemies, apart from the alchemist, the enchanter, sellers and few survivors. You can also adopt some peaceful characters like Corons seller and you can ride it to go faster and to mount in height and not to get your spiders in the legs.


You have 5 hearts, and enemies can do half damage hearts as a whole heart. Bosses are between one and three hearts heart damage. You can take a potion that absorption, depending on the level of the potion you add hearts of gold that gives you a number of defense points (always depending on level) which, despite the resistance are not invincible s' erase that are worn. You can also have this potion on your peaceful character, allowing her not to die when full of spiders are placed on the ground.

Levels and map

The levels are varied depending on the world and even the map from which to choose levels. There are at least 5 per map and a maximum of 17 without counting the bonus, towers and castles.

The levels are divided precisely; normal levels are written <digit of the World> - <digit level or letter of bonus level or tower / castle> and the house, caves and other places where one can find survivors to rescue.

If you count all levels (basic, bonuses, DLCs, castles, towers, etc ...), there are 190 (provisional figure) for the 3DS, 201 (provisional figure) on Wii U and 278 in total, knowing that there will be future DLCs.

DLCs List

There are several DLCs, that are listed:

  • DLC Pack 1 (9 levels, 3DS, one world, Wii U)
  • DLC Pack 2 (9 levels, 3DS, one world)
  • DLC Pack 3 (11 levels, Wii U, 1 world + 2 bonus levels)
  • DLC Pack 4 (11 levels, 3DS, world 1 + 1 bonus level)
  • DLC Pack Super Defi (Adding challenges on all levels, 3DS, Wii U)
  • DLC Pack 5 (7 levels, 3DS, Wii U, one world)
  • DLC Pack 6 (9 levels, 3DS, one world)
  • DLC Pack 7 (9 levels, Wii U, one world)


This gallery is empty :-(


  • One of the creator, being a fan of Minecraft to create a map adventure Wrigen Adventures with over 1,560 command blocks.

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