Wrecking Crew 2 is a 3D platformer game created by BreakfastSquad and published by Fantendo for the Nintendo 64 on August 24th, 1997. The game focuses around Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad attempting to break down as many buildings as possible to defeat enemies and bosses along the way.


Mario, Luigi, The Princess, and Toad are trying to break as many buildings as possible!


  • (C-Up) Climb: Causes characters to climb ladders if they are in front of one.
  • (B) Ignite/Hammer: If a bomb is nearby, it is ignited.. If there is no bomb nearby, the hammer is used.
  • (Control Stick) Walk: The more the stick is held, the faster the character runs.
  • (A) Jump: Causes the character to jump. Can only be used to avoid objects and detonate fuses at the end of a level.
  • (Z) Use Power-up: If there is a Super Hammer or Mega Mushroom on the middle podium of the stage, it will be activated.


  • Hammer Bros.: Construction Koopas that throw hammers. First encountered in Round 1.
  • Rocky Wrench: Worker Moles that throw wrenches. First encountered in Round 3.
  • Fighter Fly: Enemies from the sewers that can fly away from demolition. First encountered in Round 5.
  • Bob-omb: Living bombs that hide among the real bombs. First encountered in Round 7.
  • Fire Bros.: Flaming construction Koopas that throw fireballs. First encountered in Round 9.
  • Sky Pop: Biplanes flown by Hammer Bros. . First encountered in Round 11.
  • Eggplant Man: Masked eggplant that climbs floor by floor. First encountered in Round 13.
  • Drumface: Evil oil drum that can crush the player. First encountered in Round 15.
  • Fireball: If the player takes too long on any Round (over 2 minutes, to be exact.), this will appear. First encountered in Rounds 1-10.
  • Yoshi: If the player takes too long on any Round after Round 10, Yoshi will eat enemies and throw eggs at the player. First encountered in rounds 11-0
  • Donkey Kong*: Took over the first 51 floors of the building, and will throw barrels. Encountered in Round 6.
  • Foreman Spike*: Owns the building, and tries to push the player into a pit. Encountered in Round 12.
  • Bowser*: Took over the top of the building, and is climbing to the top. Encountered in Round 16.
    • If something is marked with *, it is a boss, which must be defeated by Bombs, Super Hammer, or Mega Mushroom.


  • 1-Player: Play through the main game with 1 player.
  • Multiplayer: Play through the main game with 2 or more players.
  • Versus: Play through an infinite floor with all enemies and a 2 minute timer to get the highest score.

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