Wrecking Crew: Towers of Terror

Wrecking Crew: Towers of Terror is a game in the Mario Series. It was developed by MamaLuigi22.


Bowser and Foreman Spike build a bunch of Bowser Themed and Foreman Spike Themed towers all across the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Luigi go to take down the towers.

Main Characters:

Playable Characters:

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Wario (only playable in "Tearing for Treasure Mode")
  • Waluigi (only playable in "Tearing for Treasure Mode")
  • Bowser (only playable in "Baddies Building")
  • Foreman Spike (Only Playable in "Baddies Building")
  • Toad (only playable in "Toad Towers" mode)
  • Toadette (only playable in "Toad Towers" mode)


This game is vastly different from the original games in the series. While the key story mode is available, there are multiple separate modes. Tearing for Treasure mode is a mode starring Wario and Waluigi. It is competitive based, and the more buildings you destroy, the more points you win. Whoever gets the most points wins. Baddies Building Mode is a mode starting Bowser and Foreman Spike, and revolves around them building the towers. This mode acts as a prequel to the story mode. And Toad Towers takes place after the story mode. It features Toad and Toadette building Toad Themed Towers in the place of the destroyed Bowser and Foreman Spike Towers.


The game did very good. Almost everyone loved it. They praised making am otherwise bland series interesting. And they praised all the creative modes. They did dislike "Toad Towers" being too similar to "Baddies Building". Other then that, everyone loved the game.