Wrecking Crew: Castle Chaos!

Wrecking Crew: Castle Chaos! is a game in the Mario Series. It was developed by MamaLuigi22.


Bowser and Foreman Spike build many castles for Bowser, and many for Foreman Spike. Since it is on the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi need to take them down.

Main Characters:

Playable Characters:


The game is very similar to the arcade version. Unlike MamaLuigi22's Wrecking Crew Games, it doesn't differ from the norm much. The only real difference is that EVERY level is a castle.

Beta Content:

The only beta content were that there were originally more castles, and Waluigi was a shop-keeper with Wario. MamaLuigi22 scrapped this for unknown reasons.


This game did not do as good as the other Wrecking Crew Games by MamaLuigi22. While it still sold many copies, people didn't like it as much. Despite this, it still did relativity well. It just didn't reach the standards of MamaLuigi22's usual masterpieces.

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