Wrecking Crew: Blasting for Bucks!

Wrecking Crew: Blasting for Bucks! is a game in the Mario Series. It was developed by MamaLuigi22.


Bowser and Foreman Spike build many castles and other buildings across the mushroom kingdom. Professor Egad give Mario and Luigi many explosives, and they set out to destroy the buildings. Princess Peach says she will pay Mario and Luigi for every building they destroy. Wario and Waluigi see this as an attempt to make money, so they open and explosives shop so they will get the money.

Main Characters:

Playable Characters:


This game, unlike other games in the series, primarily focuses on the use of explosives. Hammers are still here, but are weakened to the point where the player wants to use the explosives. This game is also very puzzle oriented, so the player must strategize so their explosions don't blow up ladders and other things necessary for destruction.

Beta Content:

Toad and Toadette were originally playable. However, MamaLuigi22 decided against this.


This game did extremely well. It was praised for using the explosives mechanic in a good way. It was disliked for its length being to short. Other then that, it did nearly perfect.