Wrecking Crew: BOWSER EDITION is a game in the Mario Series. It was developed by MamaLuigi22.


Bowser invades the mushroom kingdom, and installs castles, towers, and other landmarks all throughout the kingdom. So Mario and Luigi (Luigi only available in two player) go and take it down, while they deal with Foreman Spike getting in the way.

Main Characters:

Playable Characters:


Unlike previous Wrecking Crew games, this one is in 2.5D. Mario must break Bowser's buildings. If Luigi is in, the game gets slightly harder. There also is a "VS" mode, where Mario and Luigi compete for points.

Beta Content:

Wario and Waluigi were originally going to be boss fights. Also Princess Peach was originally going to give tips. And Foreman Spike wasn't originally going to return. Plus Sonic was going to make a cameo. He was going to be unconscious in a trash can. MamaLuigi22 eventually decided that these weren't going to appear in the final game.


The game got positive reviews. MamaLuigi22 was praised for making what was considered a bland game series interesting. They did criticize that MamaLuigi22 chose a weird old series to revive instead of other series. Despite this, the game did good.