Wreck A Block
Developer(s) MeekonBeekonKeekon Studios
Publisher(s) MeekonBeekonKeekon Studios
Platform(s) GameBoy
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Unknown
Series BeekBeeko

Wreck A Block is a game for the gameboy released in 1989 by MeekonBeekonKeekon Studios and the first game in the Beekbeeko series.


The Story is the beekbeekos are in a construction site trying to build but stone blocks are in the way! the player throws hammers at the blocks and if they hit 1 block 5 times the block gets demolished. there are multiple blocks in each level, some staying still, some moving around, and on the final level the block even throws hammers at you! the game has 20 levels, on level 20 you try to demolish king block who moves and throws hammers. You have 4 lives. if you miss a block or get hit by king block, you lose a life, if you lose all 4 lives, your character looks shocked, and your boss starts to cry.