Wrassega is a Water-type Pokémon that resemble a fish. Wrassege lives in every water, but you can only catch him with using the Super Rod. You also can catch Wrassega with using surf, but than you must have a Codini or Wrassega. The Water Gym Leader from Pokémon The Return of Team Galactic has Wrassega when you have to defeat him so it is easy to know it. Wrassega is the evolution of Codini. Wrassega learns 4 moves after he is evolved. Wrassega learns Brine when he is in level 15, he learns Water Pulse when he reach level 22, Dive learns Wrassega in level 28, in level 37 he learns Hydro Pump. Wrassega first appeared in Pokémon The Return of Team Galactic .

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