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Full Name Theo Joseph Maenson
Current Age Mid-late Teens
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Gender Male
Species Human/Unknown Spirit
Location South Jump City, formerly Cairo, Egypt
Align Hero
Current Status Alive
Element(s) Spirit
Ability/ies Stretchable Bandages, Sand Generation and Manipulation, Regeneration, Shapeshifting.
Vulnerable To Water
Nationality English
Ethnicity White
Voice Actor(s)
Josh Keaton (normal), Richard Green (mummy)

Theo Maenson, AKA Wrap-Up, was a museum curator's son for the Egyptian Museum of Ancient History, until he got separated from his father while exploring an ancient pyramid; it was there that he found a mystical totem that "gave him powers worthy of a true pharaoh." As a result, he became Wrap-Up, the keeper of the sands (although, ironically, he would later move to Jump City, where there wasn't much sand to be wanted).


Birth of the Spirit of the Sands

When he was merely a teen, Theo Maenson joined his father (the curator of the Egyptian Museum of Ancient HIstory) on an expedition to an ancient pyramid in the Egyptian wilderness, but got separated enough and sealed in by a collapsing passageway; left no choice, he explored deeper into the pyramid, navigating his way to a large tomb. In the center of the tomb stood an altared statue, which held a mysterious totem in its hands, as if it was being guarded for a reason; taking the totem from the statue's hands, Theo experienced a mystic vision: he was standing on the pyramid being visited by the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt (Djoser, Khufu, Unas, Neferka, Tutankhamun, and Amyrtaeus) who explained that the power within the totem was a container for the spirits of the Sahara and the power of the Pharaohs themselves, and that using the power would make him a true champion of Egypt. Inspired by the vision, he activated the totem, becoming a sandy, bandaged humanoid with skills akin to that of Ancient Egypt; escaping from the pyramid and returning to his parents, he told them of what power he had received, and the good he desired to do with it; whereas his mother was accepting of his newfound responsibility, greed got the best of his father and he decided to take the totem from his son by force. Left with little alternative, Theo activated the totem and, with use of his bandages, restrained his father's workers, escaping from them. Hiding on board a cargo container, he wound up in Jump City's docking district, where he quickly became "a mummy freak."

Meeting the Teen Titans

Going near a bank that was currently being be robbed by the HIVE Five, Theo encountered an escaping Mammoth and quickly subdued him, thanks to his shapeshifting making it easy to outmaneuver the raging brute; this bold act of heroism quickly caught the attention of the Teen Titans, who had captured Kyd Wykkyd, See-More, Billy Numerous and Gizmo while Wrap-Up was busy with Mammoth. Robin, observing his skill and power, offered him the chance to become a Titan, with Theo saying he would think about it.

Thinking more on it, Wrap-Up decided it would be good to have allies since he was new to the city and needed to know the story behind its underworld and the "lay of the land"; he dropped by Titans Tower later to run the examination gauntlet, which he passed with more setbacks than expected. As a result, Robin and the rest of the Titans decided that he should face each of them and defeat them in combat:

  1. His first opponent was Cyborg, who was suprisingly the easiest of them all, as Wrap-Up was able to seize his joints and circuits by clodding them up with sand.
  2. For Round 2, Wrappy faced Starfire, who due to her ability to fly, annoyed him slightly; but with a quick spider-web technique, he brought down the Tamaranean princess before the fight took too long.
  3. His next opponent in line was Robin, oddly enough (the team leader third in line is kinda off, don't you think?); with good old-fashioned melee combat being the central theme, Wrap-Up's elastic bandages were able to fake Robin out on some occasion, causing him to guard and counter when he didn't need to and it left him vunerable to the knockout punch Theo threw at the end.
  4. Round 4's opponent was Raven; her telekinetic skills more than often gave Wrap-Up trouble in his fight, as they tied his bandages in knots and deflected his sand with a "telekinetic windshield construct"; only with his on-the-fly new play (splitting his consciousness into multiple versions of himself but smaller) did he snatch victory from Raven's palm.
  5. In Round 5, he dealt with Terra, who was kind of a tough customer: her geokinetic skills often gave him trouble as the rocks she threw crushed him on a regular basis, having him constantly reform; he eventually pulled it off by slinging a rock back at her, then tying her up on the ground.
  6. The final opponent was Beast Boy, oddly enough the hardest; every strategy Wrappy tried ended up getting immediately countered by one of Beast Boy's animal forms: the duplicate one was countered by an octopus, the binding one was countered by a mouse, and the stretch punch was countered with a gorilla; it seemed Wrappy would finally lose if, at the last second, Theo didn't spray sand in BB's face and got him sneezing, allowing him to counter and knock him out.

After defeating all 6, he received an official Titans communicator and became a Titan.

His first major mission would later come to fruition a few months later.

The Pharaoh Awakens

(Coming Soon)

Scattered Fragments


  • Shapeshifting - Due to be primarily composed of sand and partially-elastic bandages, Wrap-Up can shapeshift at will; this can prove to be a way out of most situations, as he can slip through any escapable surface (even through decently-sized cracks in walls; pretty much anything his totem can fit through, he can, too).
  • Elastic Bandage Generation, Manipulation and Regeneration - Being covered in them, Wrap-Up (as his name implies) can create, stretch, bend, fold and wrap his bandages up to approximately 113 feet in length; but, due to the fragile density of the bandages, the further they get stretched, the more easily broken they get. Fortunately, he can easily regenerate them with little to no problem; this can let him cocoon foes in bandages, create multiple threads and formations, and give foes a strong punch from a long ways away.
  • Sand Generation and Manipulation - Since he's supposed to be fused with a desert spirit, it's understandable that Wrap-Up would be able to control sand; with his manipulation and added ability to spread his consciousness throughout the sand he's pretty much a living sandstorm.
  • Space Survivability - In his mummy form, Wrap-Up is more than capable of surviving in the vacuum of space; however, to do so in a weightless enviroment requires him to compress his physical form: in other words, he can't use his sand powers or split into multiple copies, as he has to compress the sand beneath with his bandages.
  • Radiation Immunity -

Unfortunately, Wrap-Up has two glaring weaknesses:

  • Water - Water does a lot of harm to him if he absorbs a large amount:
    • If he tries to stretch his bandages, they'll fall apart like wet toilet paper.
    • If he shapeshifts into his sand form when he's doused, he can be chipped apart like a soft rock.
    • And if he literally is swimming in it, the current and density will be too great for his physique and he will literally fall apart in it. Only until his totem (a second heart of sorts) reaches dry land will he then reform his body.
  • Fire - Intense sources of heat can often leave Wrap-Up helpless from time to time, as fire usually burns away his bandages and can turn his sand into glass with no problem.


  • The totem Theo/Wrap-Up has contains the spirits of the Sahara Desert and the Pharaohs of Egypt, thus granting him extraordinary patience and reasoning, as well as his mummy-like powers.
  • Wrap-Up is actually part of an alternate realm similar to the Teen Titans cartoon many know, but with some noticable differences: Terra didn't die sealing up the lava and went on to rejoin the Titans, Blackfire never truly hated her sister and was merely jealous, and the Brotherhood of Evil didn't resurface until the Titans decided to mass-recruit more superpowered teens. Other than that, the rest of the timeline remains essentially the same as the cartoon.
  • It was hinted Theo had some attraction to Blackfire, but it remains unconfirmed.

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