Developer(s) Power Productions
Publisher(s) Power Productions
Platform(s) Nintendo Silver
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Sandbox
Media Included Silver Disc

Wounded is a game annouced by Power Productions on December 28th 2012. It will be for the Nintendo Silver. The game is mainly Sandbox, with RPG and puzzle elements.



The game starts with a prolouge told by Lab Cat, the game's protagonist. She was owned by a scientist, simply known as The Doctor, as Lab Cat was young at the time, and does not recall The Doctor's name. She was so young at the time, that she does not ever recall her own real name. The Doctor did illegal experiments on her Pokémon in their basement, but Lab Cat recalls them being a good owner and a responsible one, as they always fixed whatever went wrong in their experiments. The only pet Lab Cat can remember is her brother, who she, also, cannot recall the name of. The last memory she has of The Doctor occoured when she was 6 months old. The Doctor realized that the side effects of one of her experiments would cause Lab Cat to mutate into a horrible monster. While this would be a slow process, they decided that the chemical would need to be carefully drawn out. The Doctor planned to do this with a syringe. While drawing it out, police who had heard of The Doctor's experiments stormed into their house, causing The Doctor to lose their focus and rip the syringe through Lab Cat's skin, leaving a scar on her forehead. The police took The Doctor away, along with all the Pokémon, except for Lab Cat, who escaped. The game then cuts to the present with Lab Cat near a lake at night, crying, telling the player that they should leave, because she is going to turn into a horrible, horrible monster.

Chapter 0: Crystal Lake

There is no story here, this is the tutorial world. Here, players learn the controls and whatnot.

Chapter 1: Emerald Forest

Lab Cat, now 14 months old, is hiding from the FBI, who are still after her, seeing her as a threat to society.

Aedler, the leader Patrat

Just as they are about to catch her, she runs into a dark forest, known as Emerald Forest. It is here that the mutation begins. She grows slightly in size, as do her claws, she sprouts fangs, and her back becomes rather muscular, almost looking like a Liepard. As she runs, she encounters a Patrat named Aedler. He is digusted with her appearance and calls in a gang of Patrat to finish her off. Lab Cat has to defeat all of them to progress further into the forest, only to get lost in a maze of sorts. She has to make her way through the dark, ocassionally defeating more Patrat and the ocassional Pidove, a hunter of Purrloin. She eventually arrives out of the forest, in the next area.

Chapter 2: Pearl Town

Lab Cat escapes out of the forest...only to find herself surronded by FBI agents, pointing guns at her. She mutates further, becoming more than twice the size she was originally. Her fur becomes darker, and she grows two extra paws, allowing her to run faster. She also looks a lot more vicious. The FBI agents call for back-up. Lab Cat plans to make a run for it, but she finds a force controlling her, forcing her to attack the FBI agents (The player controls this part). After they are defeated, she comes to her senses and realizes that she is losing control and needs treatment, fast! She runs further, only to find herself in a town, overflowing with people, who immediatly notice her, and back off. It's the player's job here to keep Lab Cat from attacking anyone as she makes her way further across the Pokémon world. It is here that she realizes what she has to do. Unova is a short while away, only being seperated from this area by a large body of water. She, earlier, had overheard FBI agents talking about suspicious activity at Professor Juniper's lab. She realizes that this is her only hope, as she is starting to lose control of herself. She has to make her way across a field full of Pokémon without attacking anybody. If she attacks 3 times, she will lose control and the player will get a game over. If she makes it across, she boards the S.S. Anne, which is taking off to Unova soon. If she gets there, she will have to stay hidden. As she ponders this, the next chapter begins...

Chapter 3: S.S. Anne

Of course, due to her size, passngers immediatly take notice. One of the sailors calls 911 while Lab Cat runs to hide on the bottom floor. She finds an empty room, and hides under the bed in there, which she can barely fit under anymore. A female passenger walks into the room as Lab Cat desperately tries to stay hidden. The passenger takes a nap, much to Lab Cat's discomfort and dismay. She sleeps for a good 2 hours, during which, the FBI has come onto the ship, which has stayed put due to the mutant on board. When she wakes up, she heads outside, and the FBI are coming close to her room, Lab Cat can hear them. What follows is a stealth misson where the player has to make their way around the ship without running into an FBI member for an hour (The player only actually does this for 15 minutes). If the player runs into a passenger, they will scream for help and they FBI will run towards the area. If that happens, the player will have to be fast to get away. After the hour (Or 15 minutes), the FBI will leave, concluding that Lab Cat must have escaped. The ship will then start moving. During this time, Lab Cat must journey around the ship once more, except this time, she must avoid anyone. She does this for 3 hours (30 minutes for the player) and then the ship docks in Castelia City. Now you must get off the ship without attracting attention.

Chapter 4: Route 4 (Unova)

As soon as Lab Cat gets off, she must run out of the Castelia City at a fast pace, in order to avoid being caught. The player has to get out of the city in 2 and a half minutes. After that, she ends up at Route 4. No humans are there, being a desert. Here she has to fight Sandile, Darumaka, Scraggy, and Hippopotas. She notices that the mutation has slowed down as she slowly advances to her next location. Eventually, the heat becomes too much, and she blacks out...

Chapter 5: Diamond Dreams

As Lab Cat drifts into her dreams, she finds herself in a beautiful oasis. She is awestruck until she finds that Aedler, his gang, and members of the FBI are there. Lab Cat must defeat all of them. Afterwards, she takes a sip from the oasis, because she's exhausted, only to find that it is speeding up the mutation. She is turning into an abomination beyond comprehension. She has to run now, but she is very slow because her paws are now huge and hard to lift. She soon runs into a forest where there are Beedrill everywhere attacking from all sides. She must defeat all of them. Then, there are the ocassional Caterpie and Pidgey to face. By the time she reaches a meadow near an ocean, she is soon quite exhausted once again, and, laying on the ground, unable to move, she sees a shadow of a figure reaching to pick her up...

Chapter 6: Pleasent Surprise

When Lab Cat awakes, she finds herself upon a bed with a bowl of warm soup nearby. When she hears someone coming, she pretends that she's asleep. There is a mysterious woman by the bedside now, that Lab Cat cannot see, as she is trying to stay out of danger. However, she feels herself mutating further, becoming 1.5 times her size. The human knows this, as Lab Cat hears a gasping sound. But rather than fear, the human wants to help. So, Lab Cat opens her eyes to see a young woman by her bedside. The woman says that she knows who Lab Cat is, as there have been stories of her all over the news since she got on the S.S Anne. Lab Cat gets her claws out, ready to defend, but the woman explains that she doesn't want to turn Lab Cat in for the hefty reward, she wants to keep Lab Cat safe. She has apparently always had an interest in unusual Pokemon. She welcomes Lab Cat to go outside, only warning her to be careful. As Lab Cat leaves the house, she sees the house is located in a forest somewhere. Then, she sees something that shocks her half to death.

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