This is the seventh chapter in Wake of the Undead. It is the final chapter in Part One: Amnesia.

Everyone could hear the scream, an most of the group fled to see what happened, but Katie and Douglas stayed in the gym, slouching against walls on opposite sides of the gym.

"Yeah, just leave me here!" Douglas yelled. "To die..."

"You're an ass, you know that?" Katie blurted. "I hope you do die."

"Holy shit, she talks!" Douglas sarcastically replied.

"I can do a lot more than talk."

"Oh, and she's got a mouth too. Hahaha" Douglas smirked, and closed his eyes, while Katie stared in disbelief.

Meanwhile, the group ran down the halls, and when they approached Breanne, they realized their fear was the reality. Breanne's chest was being ripped apart by a zombie. Tyreese bashed it's head in with his crowbar and kneeled beside his sister, knowing she would die.

"No, no, no, this can't be happening," he said to himself. "This...this isn't fair!, this isn't's just a...a dream, yeah. It has to be...but it isn't" He started quietly crying as he pulled out a gun, and put it to his sister's head. He apologized and said he loved her, she nodded, and then he shot. Suddenly, a whole group of zombies started marching through an open door and filled the halls. Everyone ran back to the gym, but saw that there was another hoard between the gym and them. Theo made a drastic decision to move forward, as it would be easier to escape. Some people disagreed, but Theo pulled out his pistol and started shooting the zombies, so everyone else did the same.

A small group of zombies found their way to the gym, and ran for Katie and Douglas. Douglas painfully stood up and pulled out his gun and started picking them off, but not before they could get to Katie and start devouring her.

The group in the hall heard the shots and the screams, and knew what had happened. They then decided Theo's decision to go the other way was the best. They quickly wiped out dozens of zombies, but one stray was able to grab John and bite him. Theo shot the zombie, and sorrowfully shot John to put him out of his misery.

They made it to the end of the hallway and found that the door the zombies came out of, which was down another hall to the right, was infested with dozens of zombies, and decided to go to the left. They came across another exit, but it was boarded up and locked. Tyreese pulled out his crowbar and started wailing on the lock, but it wouldn't budge. They all started pushing on the door, but as the zombies neared, they accepted they would all die.

But Theo, on the other hand, wouldn't accept it. He started shooting the lock with his gun. It had no effect, but then he started hitting it with the back of it. He just kept bashing and bashing as the zombies neared. Cleo's cat, Whiskers, jumped out of her hands and sat in front of the zombies, looking back at her. She screamed, and ran to grab him. She was almost bit by a zombie when Megan shot it several times in the head. Cleo ran back, and she scolded her for what she did.

"Why on Earth would you do that!?" Megan asked Cleo. "You could have been killed!"

"But Whiskers would have died!" she responded. Megan was about to reply when Theo finally broke the lock, and pushed the doors open. They all ran out into the moderately empty field, and killed the remaining zombies, while Ron and Zach closed up the door and locked it with the board that was holding it before. They regrouped, and counted their losses. The group now only consisted of Theo, Ron, Tyreese, Megan, Jian, Cleo, Zach, Cole, James, and Whiskers. They were saddened by Katie, Douglas, Breanne, and John's deaths, but Theo said that their deaths made the group stronger. Now they realized the devastating affects of the zombies, and that it would make them smarter and more fit to this world.

They spent the last few hours of daylight searching for somewhere to stay. They walked miles and miles across the cold, snowy fields and almost gave up hope. But suddenly, they came across an old shack in the middle of a field. They slowly opened the doors and searched the shack, guns in hand, for zombies. They didn't find any, but they found piles and piles of food and water. They decided for now, they would stay there. They all sat in the living room by a fireplace. Ron found a pile of wood in the back of the room and put some in the fireplace, and started a fire. Meanwhile, Jian quietly slipped away into the kitchen. He rummaged through cupboards, drawers, and pantries searching for something. Zach walked in and noticed Jian's strange behavior.

"Hey," Zach said. "What, uh, what are ya' doing there, Jian?"

"Oh, I'm uh, just looking for some scissors." Jian lied. Zach suspiciously nodded and went back into the living room with the others. Jian opened a cupboard and found some asprin. He opened it up, took a few, and then took a sip of water. He sighed, and returned to the living room.

A few hours later, they were still sitting around the fire, mesmerized by the warmth and light it gave off. Suddenly, Theo heard something, footsteps. He got everyone to grab weapons and go outside. When they left, they saw nothing. They circled the shack, and still saw nothing but fields of snow and trees.

"I know I heard something!" Theo insisted. They were about to go back into the shack and warm up, when suddenly, 2 or 3 flashlights shown on them. They turned around and heard somebody talk.

"Who the hell are you?" a female voice said.

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