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This page shows all of the worlds in the game Super Mario Bros. V.

Levels + discription

Dark World (World 0)

  • The Dark Rises

This is the first level in the whole game of Super Mario Bros. V it appears in a graveyard where you start the game.

Spinach Grasslands

  • A New Adventure

This is the first level that actually takes place in the Spinach Grasslands. Grass slows down Blue Toad, Mario, & Luigi. It however doesn't slow Bowser down. However it can be burnt by Bowser, getting a Fire Flower, or by jumping on it by getting a Mini Mushroom but if you don't move then you'll fall off.

  • Enemy Course

If you touch a Scuttle Bug or if you get touched by one you'll have to beat them all in order to get a Toad Chest. The item chests give you 3 Super Mushrooms.

  • Coved Surface

This is the first bonus level in the game. Everyone is in good terms on this level except for Bowser, Metal Mario & overweight Mii's which will need potions to boost their tolerance to swimming.

  • Spinach Treetops

This level introduces the new Monkey Banana which will turn Mario into Monkey Mario. The same characters in Coved Surface are the ones with the bad terms.

  • Roto-Disc of Fun

This is the 1st Fortress level in the game which has small Roto-Disc's which hurt you no matter what, but the really big one that moves in a 3D circle attached to a chain you can hit the bottom & stand on the top, but hitting the side results in instant death no matter what. Bowser & Metal Mario have good terms in this level because of their high power & could easily beat the Bully.

  • Rootshroom Skies

This level is pretty similar to Spinach Treetops except that this level takes place really high in the sky & that there's no vines etc. If you're not careful with Bowser the Rootshroom's can collapse & unlike Roto-Disc of Fun the characters with the advantages in the level have disadvantages in this one.

  • Spinach River

This is the 1st level where there's no disadvantages & the only level with Shellcreepers.

  • The Fit Skys

This is technically the 1st special level because the level has the obstacle courses from Wii Fit. Bowser, Metal Mario & Yellow Toad have advantages in this level. This level also introduces Spike Balls & Hammer Bros.

  • Ukongki Skyscraper

This is the first boss level in the game. This skyscraper level has vines, chains, fences & other usable objects. There's a secret exit involving the use of Bowser climbing a broken ladder which will give you access to a Magic Whistle after getting through major obstacles like saw blades & Bomb-Ombs etc. Everyone except Bowser & Metal Mario has an advantage.

Butterscotch Pudding Desert

  • Brickades

This's the 1st level of World 2 & the 1st desert level in the game. This level has alot of Brick Blocks & rock stones that can be used to your advantage. For the 2nd half of this level you have to drive in a Rocket Plane to break through the Brickades aka. very huge walls of bricks that you can't get over or break with anything else. Bowser & Metal Mario are the only ones with an advantage.

  • Pearlicious Cave

This level takes place in a dark cave with little light. All of the ground is normal sand & there's some dunes along with sand gysers. There's glowing Cheep-Cheeps along with glowing blocks for extra lighting throughout the level. Everyone except Bowser & Metal Mario has an advantage.

  • Pixel Pyramid

This level takes place in a pyramid with alot of pixel art from the Legend of Zelda series. You have to solve a couple of puzzles as well to progress. There's no advantages or disadvantages in this level.

  • Enemy Course

You have to wait for Spike Tops to jump spike 1st in order to jump on them without being vulnerable to attack.


  • Unlike most games Princess Peach's Castle isn't in World 1.
  • Also unlike most games there's alot of powerups & enemies introduced in the 1st world.

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