PX Quest is split into many different worlds, each yielding about 3-7 levels and a boss level, although this isn't the case for every world. Nevertheless, worlds are packed into continents, which is a group of worlds you are allowed to choose from upon beating a world. There are 8 continents, including the Fortress of Darkness, even though there is only one option at that point.

Continent 0

Technically not a continent, this area contains only one world with 2 levels and serves as the tutorial area.

Tutorial Town (World 0-1)

Humble Hole

Humble Hole is a deep crater created by the meteor that PX hitched a ride on. The player learns how to navigate their way out of the hole with minimal abilities, only being able to move left and right as of right now. There are few enemies, but are invincible and cannot be damaged in any way. This level is a slow ascent, and is complete when PX makes their way out of the hole.

In a cutscene immediately afterwards, PX learns of the dark figure's presence and gain the ability to jump from a meteorite. The Boss Level is now unlocked.

BOSS: Pillaged by the Goons!

PX immediately starts off in a small town, being attacked by various enemies. Now with the ability to jump, PX must traverse their way through the monster infected village by hopping over mobs, collapsed structures, even from building to building. Soon enough, PX will find their way to a tall tower in the center of the town, with there being apparently the head of the goons commanding the monsters. Entering the tower, PX will have to dodge past some charging enemies, who simply require timing to overcome. Ascending to the tower's top, PX comes face to face with the leader of the attack, Commander Nega. The boss battle begins.

Commander Nega, despite looking fairly menacing, is actually very a fairly easy boss during this first encounter, as he will simply dash at you and fire small missles that will likely explode before they get a chance to come near you. After dashing you a couple times, Nega will take a quick cooldown, leaving him open. Simply stomp on him and he'll be hit. Do it three more times, and your good as gold.

Following his defeat, Commander Nega will order a retreat, fleeing from the town. Unfortunately, pretty much everyone is already dead, and most buildings are destroyed. PX watches Commander Nega and his crew as they fly off into the distance before hoping of the top of the tower and heading on it's way. The level then ends, and Continent 1 is unlocked.

Continent 1

This area is a quiet plain with lush grasslands and just very peaceful. Same can't be said for the worlds in them. There are two worlds to chose from, to start off.

Beaten Path (World 1-1)

The First Level

The First Level is...self explanatory. A mostly flat walk fowards, with an occasional enemy or two. This level introduces Break Blocks, large blockades with cracks in them that seemingly can't be broken. These often hide secrets and the such, so revisiting this level in the future, no matter how much it kills you to, is reccomended. Besides that, there is very little else here, so this level will be done in no time.

Easy Elevation

A bit more of a challenge, with platforming across bottomless pits, using flying enemies as platforms, and secrets hidden in the clouds. For the most part, PX climbs up several tall blocks of land(which are as such for no feasible reason) and hops off clouds, which are apparently solid. The level ends at a high plateau, with clouds seemingly within in arms' reach.

Tiring Trek

A much larger shift in difficulty from the past two levels, taking plass on a mountain trail. Platforming skills are ramped up, with dodging spinning buzzsaw blades, crumbling platformings, and giant bolders of doom. The level ends at the supposed top of the mountain, with only one more time around until PX reaches his destination.

BOSS: Oblig Ah Tory; First World Boss!

At the top of the mountain lays a large stone, with an odd looking...face? Turns out it's not just a stone, it's a boss! Oblig Ah Tory(must be a foregin name) is a mighty beast of stone whose greatest weakness is...himself. He has inpenetrable defenses, and jumping on him isn't even possible, given his size. He'll smash his body into the ground in an attempt to crush you, and he'll chip off some of himself in the process. All you have to do is survive, as time goes on, Oblig will go down in about 4 hits to ground.

As Oblig shatters into pieces, a piece of him is actually another meteorite! Grabbing it grants PX the ability to use the Drill Jump technique, which is useful for finding secrets in early levels. The level ends, and Continent 2 is unlocked.

Common Caves (World 1-2)

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