Seraphina and Princess Kayla are standing on the balcony of Kayla's castle along with a group of guards.

Seraphina: So um, why are we here again?

Kayla: Sera! This is an important meeting, how can you not know who the visitor is? The Duke of Lympium has arranged a special meeting with me and I want it to go right, the political ties between Kraylion and Lympium are hanging on thin ice! 

Seraphina: I'm sorry, okay? Where is this Duke of Lympium and why does he require you to stand on the balcony of your castle?

Kayla: I don't know but it was his request and I politely agreed to it, as for where he is, I have no idea, he told me he would be here around this hou---

A giant red wyvern-looking creature with a long neck starts running towards the castle, making a nervous Seraphina get her ZoomShot out in return but the creature stops right in front of the balcony and pulls its neck down, revealing the Duke of Lympium riding it.

Duke: Sorry for the delay!

Kayla: Oh, no problem! Uhm...What's with the Draco--

Seraphina: Yeah! You almost ran us over! Don't you think about the princess' safety!?

Duke: I do, my dear rude friend. Which is why this Draco has been domesticated and trained exactly to avoid making contact with the castle and subsequently destroying it!

Kayla: Oh wow! That must've taken some time! And you did that just for our meeting?

Duke: I did say this meeting was special, didn't I? I also bring with me some flowers for you! But where could they be?

Suddenly the Draco pulls its tail up, revealing the flowers, which it drops on the Duke's hands.

Duke: Here they are, princess!

Kayla: *blushing* Oh wow, you really didn't need to do all this just for our meeting.

Seraphina: Bah! You're such a show-off!

Kayla: Sera, don't be rude to our guest, please.

Seraphina: B-But! Gah! Okay, i'm sorry, I'll just shut up and make sure nothing goes wrong.

Kayla: Nope! You're getting the rest of the day off!

Seraphina: W-What!? But i'm part of the royal guard! It's literally my job to protect you!

Kayla: Oh don't worry, there will be no need for that, it's just a meeting!

Seraphina: But what if--

Duke: If some ruffian tries to do anything to us, my Draco is prepared, and you should have more optimism, dear friend, you should stop thinking about the bad things that COULD happen and simply enjoy life!

Kayla: You heard him, Sera! I really don't know why you're so mad about this, if I got a day-off from my princess duties I would be incredibly happy! Now please follow me to the meeting room, duke.

Duke: Oh, just call me Johnny.

Kayla: Okay! Just follow me to the meeting room, Johnny!


Johnny: Oh dear, looks like you may have a cold! Here, have some money so you can buy some cold medicine!

Kayla: See? Isn't he just the nicest?

Seraphina: *grits teeth* THANK YOU, JOHNNY.

Seraphina is sitting on a rock in the middle of some fields.

Seraphina: "Oh look at me princess, I have giant dragon! I trained him for this occasion! Oh and here have some flowers!" What a show-off! I bet I could train a dragon to do cool stuff too if I had one! 

Seraphina suddenly has an idea and runs over to small ranch filled with similar dragon creatures to the one Johnny had.

Seraphina: Um, hello? 

A young man hears her and goes up to her.

Man: Hello there! My name is Billy! How may I help you?

Seraphina: I'd like to buy a.....wyvern thing?

Billy: They're not wyverns, they're Dracos, wyverns have scales, Dracos either have plain skin or fur.

Seraphina: Oh come on, there's no way that's true!

Seraphina starts rubbing a Draco on the head and her eyes light up when she realizes that the Draco's skin is plain and doesn't have any fur or scales.

Seraphina: W-Wow, this feels weird....Should I stop?

Billy: Yeah, you should.

Seraphina: Whatever, I need to know how much does a Draco cost?

Billy: Depends, do you want a grown-up one or an egg?

Seraphina: A grown-up would be ideal--

Billy: Grown-ups are 50.000 Atramentos, eggs are only 8.000 Atramentos.

Seraphina: BUT an egg works too!

Billy: You sure you want a Draco? You look like you have no experience whatsoever with a Draco until now.

Seraphina: I actually don't know much about Dracos, but I need one for a special occasion.

Billy: Lemme guess, you wanna impress someone you like?

Seraphina: No, it's just--- Wait a minute, how did you--

Billy: I've seen many people come in here looking for a Draco because they wanna impress their crushes, hell, that's how I got familiarized with Dracos in the first place, I got one to impress this girl I liked and in the process I learnt a lot about Dracos and now look at me, i'm a certified Dracokeeper!

Seraphina: But....did it work?

Billy: What do you mean?

Seraphina: Did you get the girl you liked?

Billy: Well, she's my wife now, and we'll be parents in a month or two!

Seraphina: I hope things go great for you!

Billy: Thanks! So for the egg, 8.000 Atramentos.

Seraphina: ....Um, actually I was expecting you to reserve the egg for me while I go get the money.

Billy: Fine, but hurry up!

Seraphina: Thanks! *walks out*

Seraphina runs up to the Burushia Town Billboard at the main plaza of Burushia and finds a job of finding a lost pendant for 8.000 Atramentos.

Seraphina: Just what I needed! Now I just have to complete that job! I mean how hard could it be?

Seraphina is shown walking out of the ocean in a beach with a shark still biting her leg, a crab in her head and a starfish in her face, she removes the starfish from her head and opens up her hand, revealing an octopus inside, Seraphina gets the octopus out of her hand and reveals the lost pendant in her palm.

Seraphina: VICTORY!!

Billy is cleaning the counter of the Draco ranch until Seraphina bursts in out of nowhere and holds up the bag of money.

Seraphina: I finally have the money! Now give me my Draco egg please, I've been through a lot.

Billy: Of course!

Billy gives Seraphina her Draco egg and she takes it back home where she starts taking care of it.

Seraphina is eating a sandwich in her home until she sees the Draco egg on the table start shaking and crack.

Seraphina: I can't believe it! I thought it would take more than a few days for him to come out of the egg!

The egg keeps cracking until a figure finally pops out of it, however, it doesn't resemble a wyvern or a Draco in any way, rather a yellow ball-like figure with two lizard feet, one eye and a small mouth with sharp teeth, as well as a spike in its head.

Seraphina: I-I....Um...Did I do something wrong or.....I'm calling Billy.

Seraphina calls Billy on her cellphone.

Billy: Hello?

Seraphina: Billy, did you give me the wrong egg? I was expecting a Draco not a weird yellow cyclops thing?

Billy: Hahaha, no Seraphina, I did give you the right egg.

Seraphina: Then why does it look so weird? Shouldn't it look like the ones in your ranch?

Billy: That's a fair point but there's one important thing you need to know about Dracos, they have a thing known as "Abstract Gene".

Seraphina: Abstract.....Gene?

Billy: Dracos, when they're born, can take bizarre forms, however as they grow those forms develop more and more and sometimes can change drastically, most of them look like wyverns but some resemble dinosaurs more, others resemble other types of lizards and some don't even resemble lizards at all!

Seraphina: Oh wow, so basically Dracos can take millions of forms and I got a cyclops.

Billy: Who knows, he may change as he grows.

Seraphina: Fine, thanks for telling me about th Abstract Gene thing, just one more question, what do I feed him?

Billy: The little suckers eat almost anything but they prefer vegetables and plants over all.

Seraphina: Gotcha, well, goodbye!

Billy: Bye!

Seraphina hangs up and looks directly at the baby Draco in her table.

Seraphina: Well you certainly don't look like you can do awesome tricks, you are pretty cute though.

Seraphina starts rubbing the baby Draco on the head, avoiding the spike, until she suddenly has an idea.

Seraphina: Cute! That's it!

Kayla is relaxing at her castle when suddenly Seraphina bursts in.

Kayla: Hello there, Sera! What are you--

Seraphina: Look at this cute baby Draco i'm raising! 

Seraphina shows Kayla the baby Draco.

Kayla: Oh my gosh Sera! It looks so cute!

Seraphina: I know, I think i'll name him "Bellus".

Kayla: That's a great name for the little one! 

Seraphina: Um, actually, I was gonna ask you something, i'm kinda new to the whole "raising a Draco" thing and I was wondering if you could come over to help me with the little sucker.

Kayla: Of course i'll help you! Is that all?

Seraphina: Yes, actually! Bye!

Seraphina runs out of the castle.

Seraphina: Bellus, you're going to be really helpful!

Bellus smiles at Seraphina.

Seraphina: Yes, that's right, your cuteness is your biggest weapon! Now let's go home, I wanna rest.

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