World of Paint is a series of small stories that have almost nothing to do with each other (with minor exceptions) and are just there to build upon the Paintverse world.



  • Sketch Villiar: Sketch on the outside might seem like your snarky cool kid who's not afraid of anything, but in reality that's just a wall he made to cover up the fact that he's just a young insecure boy, but he whenever he needs to he can muster up the courage necessary to take on any task! Can wield the SoulBrush as a weapon to near perfection and communicate with the spirits.
  • Seraphina: Seraphina's just a confused person, she never met her parents or anything, she literally just appeared one day in the village as a baby, her sudden appearance creeped out a lot of people so she had few friends apart from Kayla. Seraphina just wants to find out more about her past and who she is, and in the process she's been meeting a lot of new people, but she's kind of new to the friends thing so he might be a little to tough from time to time. Seraphina wields a weapon she crafted herself, the "ZoomShot".
  • Kayla Craylios: Youngest member of the royal family of "Krayllion", Kayla is gonna heredit the crown one year from now and take her place as queen, meaning she's a target for many foes, but what they don't know is that Kayla holds a mystical power beyond anyone's understanding. Kayla is humble and kind and cares a lot about her kingdom and Artizz in general.
  • Todd Azaiah: A shy young boy who used to train under a dojo for wielding tonfas, now he's training under Sketch's wing, who thinks he has potential to become the "Fourth Legendary Hero of Paintverse".


Name Description Important Details
Dracoco Loco After the "Duke of Lympium" visits and impresses Princess Kayla with a giant Draco, a jealous Seraphina decides to save up and buy a Draco of her own, once she does a Dracokeeper named "Billy" decides to teach her how to take care of one.
  • We learn of Dracos and their habits.
  • Seraphina buys and takes care of a Draco.
"Blankism" After witnessing a young man being attacked on the streets by a gang, Sketch learns of a strange new concept, "Blankism", in other words, discrimination towards Artizzians without coloured spots in their skins.
  • We learn about Blankism and more about artizzian anatomy.
  • We learn of the Blankist gang, "Vivid Saints".
Ms. Lovah Lovah Seraphina claims she's ready to confess to Kayla about how she feels about her, however when Sketch tries to help, he learns that when it comes to romance, Artizz is much more different, so Seraphina takes some time to explain the culture of romance, its symbols and most importantly: Rings, in Artizz.
  • We learn more about Artizzian culture.
  • We learn about the history of rings in Artizz and their importance.
Where All The Demons Go To Die What happens when a demon dies? Well, both King Spightmare and Prince Damon are demons that have experienced death, let's witness some of their antics in the "Punishment World" of "Hades".
  • We learn what happens to demons when they die.
  • Crossover between Enfer and Paintverse.
Burn in Heck! Sketch, Pincelle, Seraphina, Todd and Kayla are assigned the mission of disguising as demons and infiltrating Hell to return an artifact stolen by Pyrrioss. How will they cope with a world that fully antagonizes them?
  • We get to see what Hell looks like in the Paintverse.
  • We learn more about the demon culture.