World Warriors
Wii Uox art by EpicLlamaSwag42
Developer(s) Nintendo and Blizzard
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U

PS4 Xbox One PC

Release Date(s)
Summer 2016
Age Rating(s)
T (Teen)
Genre(s) Fighting
Series None
Media Included Optical disc
World Warriors is a game created by EpicLlamaSwag42. The game was developed by Nintendo and Blizzard, and published by Nintendo.


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The gameplay was inspired by both Overwatch and Tekken. Characters have many different attacks in their movesets. The game is played like a first person shooter, but in a third person view (like Splatoon.)

There are 10 different battle classes characters can have, inspired by Skylanders Imaginators.

  • Air Force: These characters excel most in midair combat, can often fly, and can sometimes be weak on land.
  • Beast: These characters are animal-based, and they often play like a mixture of more than one battle class.
  • Brawler: These characters excel at close ranged combat, but often cannot fight at a far range.
  • Demolitionist: These characters use weapons that can dish a lot of damage, but are usually very slow.
  • Gunner: These characters excel at ranged combat. They often cannot fight properly at close range.
  • Knight: These characters tend to use more than one weapon. Most of them can be used as tanks.
  • Mage: These characters can use magic to attack. They can inflict status conditions easier than others.
  • Ninja: These characters use ninja stars, sais, bo staffs, and other ninja weapons. They excel at speed.
  • Slammer: These characters use maces, axes, hammers, and other powerful weapons.
  • Swordsman: These characters use swords to attack. They often have more powerful counter attacks.

More info coming soon.


Character Element Class Info
AdamWorldWarriorsAdam Dark Gunner Adam is a Chinese boy with a bazooka of darkness. The shots it fires are made of dark energy, and they can change from an average missile to a spring loaded boxing glove. He can also hide inside of a shadow and then pop back up and attack.
AntivirusAntivirus Steel Beast Antivirus is a robot ant, and the form in the picture isn't his final one. With his more powerful form, he can slash with bladed arms, shoot energy balls from his back, and turn into a rolling buzzsaw. But his deadlist weapon is his punny name.
AquaWorldWarriorsAqua Water Gunner Aqua is a mermaid with a bubble gun. Not only can her gun launch bubbles, but it can also launch a pulse of water. She can also trap her opponents in bubbles and even summon a hungry shark to fight.
AvalancheAvalanche Ice Swordsman Hailing from Canada, Avalanche has an ice sword. He can obviously slash with it, but he can also release beams of ice. He can also create tornadoes of ice, breathe ice, charge with his ice hair, and create a giant wall of ice.
AzureWorldWarriorsAzure Water Ninja Azure, like Torrent, has water for hair, but he doesn't attack with it. He instead attacks with his two blades and by launching water balls from his hands. He can also power his blades up with water energy for powerful and torrential slashes.
BarryBarry Dark Air Force Barry is a zombie that has two helicopter blades. He can use these blades to slice enemies, as well as to rush ahead and even to fly. Being a zombie, he also can bite the brains of opponents and summon damaging tombstones.
BeamerBeamer Light Ninja Beamer is a scientist who works in the field of optics. His primary weapon is his light nunchuks. He can also throw orbs of light, shoot light lasers, and flash his bulb helmet on and off to stun opponents.
Black IceBlack Ice Ice Demolitionist Black Ice is an ice elemental giant from the North Pole. He can turn his hands into an ice steamroller that he can run over opponents with. When his hands aren't in steamroller form, he often attacks with heavy punches.
BlubberBlubber Ice Ninja Blubber is a genetically modified seal. His primary weapons are two sais made of ice. He can also create ice caps to fling at opponents, roll inside of an ice ball, and breathe cold water.
BluefeatherBluefeather Life Air Force Bluefeather, being a macaw, can fly naturally. While flying, he can drop exploding eggs onto opponents, create supersonic parrot calls, and rush ahead. When on land, he jabs with a poison-tipped spear.
BoboWorldWarriorsBobo Electric Mage Bobo comes from a dimension of dreams. He can run at supersonic speeds, which can make him escape from opponents easily. His attacks include running circles around the opponent, creating damaging afterimages, and tossing lightning bolts.
BoostBoost Steel Gunner Boost is a robot who has cannons for hands, which he can shoot cannonballs from. He can also attack by rocketing ahead, shooting fireballs from his behind, or by shooting lasers from his eyes. He's also the most heroic out of all the robots.
BradBrad Water Demolitionist Brad's primary attacks are performed with his surfboard and with the water trail it leaves. He can create tidal waves to toss at opponents, as well as throwing sea urchins. He is the fastest out of all the demolitionists.
BrianWorldWarriorsBrian Earth Slammer Brian is equipped with a mace, but it's not just a mace. It can create fault lines, holes in the ground, and even earthquakes. He can also charge with the spike on his helmet.
BrimstoneBrimstone Fire Swordsman Brimstone is made out of rocks and fire. He can swing his fire sword, and can even create waves of flames with it. He can also shoot his flaming head off of his body like a cannon, as well as releasing sparks from his head.
BuzzWorldWarriorsBuzz Electric Swordsman While he doesn't have a sword, Buzz does have an electric buzzsaw attached to a chain. He can swing the buzzsaw around, as well as using it to dash ahead. If he really wants to bring the pain, he can detach it from the chain and toss it at opponents.
CirrusWorldWarriorsCirrus Air Ninja When Cirrus swings her bo staff, she channels the power of the wind. She can generate tornadoes with ninja stars inside of them. She can also create a tornado around her that launches her like a cannon.
CocoWorldWarriorsCoco Life Gunner Coco is a living coconut whose attacks are themed after fruit. She has a gun that can shoot oranges that explode into orange juice. She can also create a watermelon that, when hit with an orange, goes flying at opponents.
CoilerCoiler Electric Beast Coiler is an electric snake-like monster. He can attack by throwing lightning bolts, slithering quickly for a sneak attack, and grab opponents with the grip of his tail. He can even turn into a giant snake that rampages throughout the battlefield.
ColorinaColorina Light Slammer Colorina's main weapon in her rainbow hammer, which creates miniature rainbows when she swings it. She can also whip her rainbow hair around and shoot rainbows from her hands. Her most powerful attack is creating an atomic rainbow that explodes.
CommandoCommando Electric Demolitionist Commando was created by Dr. Zane as a clone of Mike. But when he came out complete, his skin was a lighter. His fighting style is anything but the same as Mike's, though. Commando fights by throwing electrical bombs, creating electric shockwaves, rolling on giant bombs, and placing down electric mines.
CrackleCrackle Fire Ninja Crackle fights for one reason: to help the USA get a good reputation like in old times. His attacks often revolve around his double sparkler staff. He can also create fireworks, summon eagles to attack, throwing bacon burgers, and riding on an eagle.
CrescentWorldWarriorsCrescent Water Knight Crescent is a pirate whose hands are replaced with two hooks. He can slash with the two hooks, spin around with them, or reel enemies in with a hook and chain. He can even summon a pirate ship that fires its cannons at opponents.
CrumbleCrumble Earth Swordsman Crumble is a master with his pink crystal sword. He can slash with it, and release energy beams by slashing fast enough. He can also create crystals in the ground or trigger an earthquake with his head. And while is afro is made of stone, his eyebrows aren't.
Deton-8Deton-8 Fire Demolitionist Deton-8 is a bomb robot whose attack blow up the competition - literally. He can throw bombs, roll his head like an exploding bowling ball, and blow his head up while standing to create flame shockwaves. He can even launch a nuclear bomb!
DownpourDownpour Water Air Force Unlike the other merfolk, Downpour is faster on land than in water. He has a jetpack that runs on rainwater that can damage opponents from overhead. He can also release a backfire blast of water, as well as spinning around with his jetpack.
Dr. ZaneDr. Zane Steel Mage Zane is the father of Ethan and creator of the robots and Commando. He attacks by slamming a giant wrench, creating turrets, and commanding the robot by his side. Said robot can zap opponents, and turn them into robot allies if defeated by a zap.
DrakeWorldWarriorsDrake Fire Air Force Drake is both a knight and a dragon, and battles are no stranger to him. He can take to the skies with dragon wings, as well as slashing with his claws and breathing fire. He is a force to be reckoned with both on land and in midair, making him a tough nut to crack.
DynamoDynamo Life Demolitionist Dynamo's primary attack is throwing sticks of dynamite. He can also set off his bomb hat (although it does take away a bit of his health) and sting with his scorpion tail. The best part is that his tail can poison opponents.
EquosEquos Light Knight Equos is a centaur with a sword and a shield. He can slash his sword and block with his shield, but there's much more. He can shoot light beams from his shield, kick with his back legs, and even summon a horse spirit made of light.
EthanWorldWarriorsEthan Steel Brawler Ethan is a teenage cyborg and the son of Dr. Zane. Ethan can attack with his steel hands, as well as shooting lasers from his eye gadget. He can also create shards of metal to throw at the ground or at opponents. He can even morph his hands into drills, cannons, maces, or other gadgets.
EvelynEvelyn Life Brawler Evelyn's punches, kicks, and flip kicks are all powered up by green life energy. She can also release balls of life energy from her hands. But the most powerful use of this life energy is by channeling it into herself to become a powerful fighter with maximum energy.
FirearmFirearm Fire Gunner Firearm is a Saudi Arabian man whose power relies on his trusty flamethrower. He can use it to shoot a stream of fire or a barrage of fireballs. He can also aim his flamethrower at the ground to create a column of flames.
FlammerFlammer Fire Slammer Flammer attacks with his fire hammer. He can swing it and leave a trail of fire, or he can activate the flames on both sides of the hammer. When the sides are activated, the hammer can shoot fireballs. Flammer can also create a column on flames.
FlutterWorldWarriorsFlutter Air Air Force Despite her appearance, there is much more to Flutter than you may expect. Flutter can throw mines filled up with air that explode on impact. She can also create gusts of wind, slam the ground to create shockwaves, and perform spin kick attacks.
FrigidFrigid Ice Gunner Frigid's primary weapon is a gun that shoots snowballs. He can also roll atop a giant snowball, create spikes of ice from the ground, launch homing icicles at opponents, and slam dunk a snow basketball onto the ground or onto opponents.
FrostWorldWarriorsFrost Ice Knight Frost is a knight armed with an ice spear and an ice shield. His spear can freeze opponents if jabbed fast enough, as well as being thrown like a javelin. His shield can block enemy projectiles (except for fire ones), and can be slammed down to create a circle of ice.
GilGil Water Swordsman Gil can attack with his two swords. He can also rush ahead inside of a water blob, as well as creating portals of water and diving into them. Gil has the fastest swimming speed out of all characters, including other water elementals.
GlaceGlace Ice Beast Glace is a genetically modified polar bear with the heart of a warrior. He attacks with the barbs of ice on his wrists, as well as breathing ice, creating rows of ice spikes on the ground, and spinning around with his barbs. He's not very fast, though.
GlowGlow Light Air Force Glow's attacks revolve around holy light. He can create levitating swords of light or a light explosion. He can also slice with his (surprisingly sharp) halo, or toss it like a boomerang. He's pretty lightweight, so don't expect him to take a lot of hits.
GourmetGourmet Life Mage Gourmet's food based arsenal has as many moves as an all-you-can-eat buffet. These attacks include tomato grenades, corn missiles, and rolling on a watermelon. Gourmet also had a healing spell that can be used to revive teammates when playing with a group.
GuerillaGuerilla Water Beast Guerilla's fists are encased in water bubbles, making him more mastered with his element. He can perform a rather bubbly punch attack, as well as slam his fists on the ground to create a large puddle. He can also place down banana peels for opponents to comically slide on. And yes, he was based on Overwatch's Winston.
HabaneroHabanero Fire Mage Habanero is the youngest character in the game, clocking in at only 8 years old. By whipping her pepper pigtails, she can create streaks of fire. She can also throw pepper bombs, whip her pigtails, creating rings of peppers, and spit fireballs.
HeliphantHeliphant Air Beast Heliphant is a robot elephant with a wide variety of attacks. On the ground, he can stomp, charge, and suck opponents in with his trunk, and then shoot them out of his trunk. In the air, he primarily attacks by launching missiles from the cannons on his sides.
HellraiserHellraiser Dark Knight The main antagonist of the game, Hellraiser is a force to be reckoned with. He is equipped with a sword and shield forged by black magic. He can also launch black energy balls at opponents, creating bottomless pits and vortexes, and summoning swarms of dark-powered hornets.
HueyHuey Life Slammer Huey's four arms come from the small hint of bee DNA inside him. He can punch with these four arms, although his primary weapon is a spiked club. He can also summon swarms of killer bees or create beehives to throw at opponents. The beehives explode into bee swarms, making an even deadlier weapon.

Also, I think we all known why he's named Huey.

LumioLumio Light Mage Lumio is a being made from light magic. He attacks by using the same light magic he was made of. He can shoot balls of light from his hand, create clones of himself, and turn invincible for a while. However, he cannot attack while he is invincible.
PyrooPyroo Fire Beast Pyroo started out as an Australian girl, until she was transformed into a fire kangaroo for the battle. Her attacks mainly focus on punching and kicking, but she also uses the flame on her head to fight. She can even generate fists made of flames that can dish out a good amount of damage. She also jumps the highest out of all the characters.
SledgeSledge Steel Slammer The largest of all the robots, Sledge was made with a hammer for a hand. He can swing his hammer hand, as well as launching the hammer hand like a bazooka. Sledge can absorb a lot of hits with his high defense stat, but his size made him an easy target to hit.
SpinnerWorldWarriorsSpinner Electric Brawler Another cyborg, Spinner can attack by spinning his five mechanical legs around and dashing. Being a brawler, he also packs a punch with the punches. He can even channel his electric element to turn his fists electric and to increase his power. He can also use it to throw electric balls.
TorrentTorrent Water Mage Torrent has the power to manipulate water. She can use water to attack in slashes, as well as making water fall onto opponents like a waterfall. She can whip her water hair around, as well as adding more water to it, increasing its power. Her most powerful attack is creating a tsunami that crashes down onto the opponent.
WindchillWindchill Ice Air Force Windchill used to be a normal penguin until he was genetically engineered to be more like a human. While he still can't fly, he can glide with his wingsuit. He can also spit out balls of ice energy, slash with his wings and suit, and charge ahead. He can even summon smaller penguins that can attack for him.
ZacWorldWarriorsZac Life Swordsman The main protagonist of the game, Zac is armed with a life sword. He attacks with his sword by obviously slashing, but he can also stick it into the ground and create roots to trap opponents. When his sword glows, it is maxed out with life elemental energy. With this energy, he can generate poison, thorns, and even whole trees.

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