Patti & Mystery K: World War Koopaling is a game set to release for the Blizzard X, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo NX on October 23rd 2016, in celebration of the original seven koopaling's anniversary. It's gameplay shares a lot of similarities with the Mario & Luigi series of games.

Really Brief Story Summary

In the distant future of the Mushroom Kingdom, shortly after the "Koopaling Outbreak of 2016," Bowser's Castle is suddenly stolen by Poopbutt Koopa. Bowser, now living on the streets with his entire army and his son Bowser Jr., inquires Patti and Mystery Koopa's (name subject to change) help with taking his kingdom back. Patti and Mystery K must defeat every terrible fanon koopaling, rescue the decent ones and stop Poopbutt's reign once and for all.

Playable Characters

Image and Name Description Skills

Patti Lee Koopa


Mystery K






Power Ups

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