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Developer(s) -BaptIce@29-
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
1-2 Player
Age Rating(s)


Genre(s) Adventure
Series The legend of Zelda,Super Mario
Predecessor Null
Successor  ???
Media Included Nintendo 3DS cartridge


World Swap Nintendo Edition or Nintendo Swap is a crossover game betweenSuper Mario and The Legend of Zelda Universe, it will release on the Nintendo 3DS in 2016


The gameplay will be similar to The Legend of Zelda 3D series or you do quest, but the enigma will be similar to super mario 3D games (Super Mario 3D Land) with the presence of power up and separate world


While Mario walked near United fungus, Princess Rosalina star appeared and the preva a threat iminente therefore ran as fast Mario and Luigi alert regoindre Peach.A his arrival at the castle, Peach and was no longer a titanic explosion was heard to that trap our plumber and knocked in his wake pomme.A the castle was in ruins and appercu E-Gadd and Rosalina who explained that Peach and Bowser had Kidnapper had create a portal leading àà another dimension . He took her to the house of E-Gadd Luigi busied or a stranger lying on a bed, this stranger was none other than the hero of hyrule Link After wake the hero of the time he explained that that their worst enemy is Ganondorf wanted to do with the world of mario "Ganondorf want to unify our universe to make it and become King of the world" So it's time for our heroes to save the princess from each universe and defeat this threat !!!

Playable Character

Picture            Name                    Universe Last apparition game Description Obtaigning
LinkSmash Link The legend Of Zelda Zelda Skyward Sword Link does not jump up and fall quickly, such a difficult character controlled because it can use a sword to attack and a shield to protect against attacks already unlocked
Mariossbi Mario Super Mario Super Mario 3D World Mario does not jump very high, but it is stronger than it is little brother to use all of the universe are available already unlocked
170px Toon Link The Legend Of Zelda Zelda Spirit Track Toon Link is very fast compared to his alter-ego, but it is moin strong even if he uses a sword to attack and a shield to ward off attacks reach the world 6 in story mode
Luigi SSB4 Luigi Super Mario Super Mario 3D World Luigi jumps higher than the other character but to struggle to stop the run, he has a fear of the ghost so keep it away from them otherwise it will not move it does not use any power up are the universe reach the world 6 in story mode
Peach sw Peach Super Mario 'Super Mario 3D World' Peach is the powerful moin group but when it falls it floats through her ​​dress she just charmed his opponent and use every power up his world peach becomes playable once it has been saved from Bowser in story mode
Zelda ws Zelda the Legend Of Zelda Zelda Skyward Sword Zelda is stronger than Peach moin but stronger than the other character also falls fleet hen with her dress and she uses magic power of goddess to attack or protect against attack Zelda becomes playable once it has been saved from Ganondorf in story mode
Rosalina ws Rosalina Super Mario Mario kart 8 Rosalina courses and jumps slowly but can spin stars jumping and luma are used to retrieve the object and target an enemy away ?
Midna ws Midna The Legend of Zelda Zelda Twilight Princess Midna jumps high, very fast and has some magical power that help combine and handicap enemy but it has very little power ?


Picture Name Universe Last apparition Description
577 render Ganondorf Ganondorf The Legend Of Zelda Zelda Wind Waker HD The lord of evil decided to ally with Bowser to unify the two worlds to become master of the world and why he kidnaps Peach and Zelda sen to serve Receptacle
Bowser4 Bowser Super Mario Super Mario 3D World King Koopa is a little puppet of Ganondorf because the latter uses his soldier to unify the universe and become master of monde.Bowser is he going to leave to face Ganondorf?


Number Name Type Inspired to description Middle Boss Boss
W 1 The Field cross Field

 Hyrule field

 mushroom plain

the Field Cross is the beginning of the project Ganondorf and Bowser fusion universes because this is plain to see little of each element univers.ce places is not a great danger, but be careful all the same Iron knuckle Larry koopa
W 2 waterfall island Water

Zora Domaine

delfino sea

waterfall island is an island or the disaster has not yet been reached thanks to the power of Zora but it will delay it for one koopa to child already taken this area and imprison the man of the sea Dark Link Wendy O koopa
W 3 The Lost Swamp Forest

Lost Wood

Wiggler Forest

the lost swamp is already affected by the disaster stroke little rssource exept power lost wood or path takes you to the starting area but beware of poison Swamp Iggy Koopa Lemmy Koopa
W 4 parallel town Time


Reznor Tower

parallel town is a village in two parallel universes that it does not reach significance that was affected by the disaster because it is similar to the scene went wrong town Termina so be careful as it could have a completely different threat Morton Koopa Skull Kid
W 5 height of death Mountain

Dead Mountain

pipe height

height of death is a place that is very high in the sky and that is very dangerous to many more empty this place is haunted by the monster created by the disaster Moblin Roy koopa
W 6 merged desert Sand

Gerudo Desert

Sec Sec Desert

merged desert is a very hot place where you find ossement koopa monster and more in this area that we begin to be affected little spot with Nabooru Gerudo Fortress which monitors whether any intrut stands in front of the fortress Reznor Twinrova
W 7 Palace cloud Sky


Cloud World

cloud palace is a very high place that has not yet been affected by the disaster why Ludwig Von Koopa wanted to conquer this place with the help of Ghirahim Ludwig von Koopa Ghirahim
W 8 lord of the castle Fire

Bowser Castle

Ganon castle

lord of the castle is a place or bowser ganondorf and we trap or princess and it  Ganondorf & Bowser Ganowser
W S Twilight galaxy Dark


Twilight world

Twilight Galaxy is a secret world where tenebre is king in this area is the galaxy and is not affected by the disaster Cosmic Clon Zant


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