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The 1st secret World of New Super Mario Bros. 3 (Silver-zoroark's version).


Level Shell-1

Goombas and Koopas appear in this forest level. There is also poison water and Skeeters.

Level Shell-2

Another forest level, with Wigglers. For the other half of the level Dorrie carries Mario on the poison water.

Level Shell-3

A level in a temple, with Fuzzies and Spikes.

Level Shell-Tower

A tower with small cannons. There are some Bone Enemies and such. Also it is one of the only levels with Swoopers.

Level Shell-4

There are docks and a Spike Bass underneath. But the water is poisonous.

Level Shell-5

Another forest level with lots of bouncy mushrooms. Squigglers are also introduced.

Level Shell-Ghost House

There are Boos and Balloon Boos but no Boohemoth this time.

Level Shell-Castle

There are lots of platforms in this castle. Also the new enemies, Dark Wigglers appear. Petey Pirahna is the boss of this Castle.

Enemy Course

Easy: 4 Skeeters

Normal: 6 Skeeters

Hard: 8 Skeeters

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