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World Mould

World Mould (Japanese: カオスの作成 Kaosu no sakusei), shortened to WoMo, is a spin-off instalment of the Jake's Super Smash Bros. series of fighting games. The game is based on the concept of Jake's Super Smash Bros. II's original story mode: Writer's Block.

The game uses the Toys-to-Life mechanic made popular by the Skylanders and Disney INFINITY series. While all characters can be played as without the use of the Character Mould figures, using the Character Moulds unlock alternate movesets for characters. There are two Character Moulds per character, with both taking on different appearances. These movesets can be previewed in-game, though can only be played as in battle by utilizing the Character Moulds.

Craft of Chaos

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World Mould is a party-fighting game that is somewhat different from other fighting games. Unlike most fighting games that have two fighters aiming to deplete their HP bar to zero, World Mould has from two to four (eight in some modes) characters fighting in large, 2D environments. Fighters are given damage percentages that act oppositely to HP bars in other fighters, increasing the distance the fighter is launched should the damage percentage be higher. In order to defeat fighters, it is the player's job to knock the other fighters off-screen, earning them a KO or removing a stock from those KO'd.

World Mould is primarily based off of Jake's Super Smash Bros. II, and includes many of the mechanics introduced in said instalment. Most prominent of said mechanics is the return of the Badge system.


Playable Characters

Main article: World Mould/List of Playable Characters

There are a total of eighty-five playable characters in the game, from series ranging from Call of Duty to Peanuts. Every character has four special moves, just as in the Jake's Super Smash Bros. series, activated through pressing a button and a directional input.

Assist Characters

Main article: World Mould/List of Assist Characters

There are a total of one-hundred and five characters that can be summoned during a battle to assist a fighter. Every assist character has a unique ability or attack, making them all unique in their own ways.


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