The 2nd secret World of New Super Mario Bros. 3 (Silver-zoroark's version).  World Leaf is the second secret world. It is high up in the clouds, with rainbows and Lakitus. Lakithunder is known to rule this World.


Level Leaf-1

This level is in the sky with lots of clouds. There are enemies called Amp Chains flying around and Mario has to go on platforms to get to the end.

Level Leaf-2

A self-scrolling level where Mario has to stay on a platform while Pirahna Plants and Wigglers drop on it.

Level Leaf-3

An under-water level with lots of Deep-Cheeps and Bloopers.

Level Leaf-Tower

There are Amps and grates everywhere. Also some secret doors.

Level Leaf-4

A level under-ground with Monty Moles and Squigglers. There is a Chain Chomp at the end.

Level Leaf-5

This is a self-scrolling level with Bullet Bills and Banzai Bills. There is also a secret mini pipe.

Level Leaf-6

A level with ice, Snow Spikes, and Mine Carts. It is accessed by getting the secret flag in Level Leaf-S.

Level Leaf-Castle

A large Castle with Snake Blocks and Conveyer Belts. Pipes too, and Bone Pirahna Plants are in plenty of different places. And the boss of the Castle is Lakithunder, who rules World Leaf.

Enemy Course

Easy: 2 Chain Chomps

Medium: 4 Chain Chomps

Hard: 6 Chain Chomps

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