World Dominator: Nintendo Planet (also known as Nintendo Takeover in Japan) is a strategy game developed by Aligator VGZone. World Dominator: Nintendo Planet is the first game in the World Dominator series and was published by Fantendo for the Nintendo VR. It will be released on December 14th 2011 in Europe, December 24th 2011 in Japan and on January 5th 2012 in America and Australia.


It was a beautiful day on the Nintendo Planet, where all of the various Nintendo-characters were minding their own business, when suddenly a spaceship appeared in the sky. Everyone on the planet was surprised, but the giant spaceship is just the beginning. Several smaller ships started landing. As the doors of the small spaceships opened, thousands of robotic soldiers began invading the once peaceful planet.

At the same time, someone in the giant spaceship speaks towards a giant monitor. "Yes, it was me. I called you to do me a little favor. I'm invading the first planet on my list right now, and i want you to make the commands for the army." The camera switches. Now the stranger directly looks at the player. "Was it not your dream to rule over a whole world sometime? If not, then you bought the wrong game. but if you are interested in taking control of a giant army, then come closer. My name is Kayne, and i used one of my favourite inventions, the dimension-talkie, to call you. I give you everything you need to take over this planet for me, and you will have your fun conquering it. It´ll be a win-win situation for both of us. Just give the commands through your own headphone, and let the party begin!"

And then the game begins.


Throughout the whole game, everything will be controlled by your voice. A list of commands for the menu and the in-game sequences can be found in the manual.

You can conquer your way through 6 realms based off places in the Nintendo-universe, 25 missions for every realm.

The bettlefields are organised like a big chess board. Your troops stand at the bottom of the board, the troops of the enemy on top. There are a lot of characters for you to use in combat. From your normal robotic servants to brainwashed enemies. Everyone has its own elements and weaknesses, that can be seen in the glossary of the game.

Your soldiers can be categorised like this:

- Melee attack based unit

- Ranged attack based unit

- Magic attack based unit

Also do they have their own elements, such as fire, water, ice, electricity, earth, light and darkness. Magic units can even cast spells that are non-elemental, but inflict special status effects onto your units and your enemies, such as:

- Stun:

An enemy that is stunned cannot do anything and will stay like this for the rest of his turn. Lasts 1 turn.

- Dizzy:

When dizzy, the enemy will get absent-minded, attacking his own friends or doing nothing than running around, being useless. Lasts 1 - 3 turns.

- Burnin':

When burning, enemies will take continously take fire damage, until the fire gets washed off, blown away or the fire will go away by itself. The enemies that are burning even set the other enemies on fire. Lasts up to 4 turns.

- Frozen:

Enemies that are frozen do nothing. They will stay frozen for exactly three turns if the ce is not melted by fiery attacks.

- Electrified:

Electrified enemies will do nothing. This status ailment can´t be healed and will last for 3 turns.


Every world can be chosen freely, but there is a numerous order as a guide for beginning players, who want to know which is the best order to complete the realms. Every realm has a mid-boss and a boss mission, where you confront many of the well known heroes and villains from Nintendo.

  • W1: Mushroom Kingdom (Super Mario)
  • W2: Hyrule (The Legend of Zelda)
  • W3: Dreamland (Kirby series)
  • W4: Donkey Kong Country (series with the same name)
  • W5: Palutenas Realm (Kid Icarus series)
  • W6: Pikmin Garden (Pikmin series)


Mushroom Kingdom

- Mushroom Kingdom Midboss: Mario


Mario is a character with high offense, so it would be easier to defeat him by first lowering his offense when he is in reach for the stat-decreasing attack of your magical units. The only thing for you left is to attack Mario when he is distracted with units that use strong melee attacks.

- Mushroom Kingdom Boss: Bowser and Mario


Mario and Bowser joined forces, because Bowser wants to conquer this planet himself, and the only way to make this happen is to help Mario (for now).


Mario is the same as in the midboss-version, just with a higher amount of HP. So it would make sense to do the same steps. As for Bowser: He is a boss with high offense and defense and is unaffected with techniques that lower his offense. Additionally, he can attack six units right before him with his fire-attack. Units with high defense against fire based attacks and units with a defense-lowering attack are the most effective against him. Also, his HP are twice as big as Mario´s. Peach as the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom watches the battlefield from her throne.

After Mario and Bowser (and sometimes Wart as an additional boss), Peach gives up and you are able to take the control over the Mushroom Kingdom.



If you give the command to "annihilate" or "attack" Peach directly, Mario and Bowser will draw back to Peach's throne immediatly during their turn. This only works once, but it will buy you the time you need to brainwash or defeat the Toad-guards.

Powerful Subcon Enemy Emerges (Legendary-mode only)

With a chance of 15%, Wart can appear when half of the Toads or Mario is defeated in legendary mode. He brings a powerful sniffit squadron with him and helps the Mushroom Army by surrounding your units. Wart is a boss with high defense, but not a high offense like Bowser. Also, he is vulnerable to fire and can be stunned easily. He uses Mario's amount of HP. Just lower his defense and use fire based attacks and you´ll be perfectly fine.


- Hyrule Midboss: King Bulblin


King Bulblin will face you on the giant bridge to Hyrule. He is riding on Lord Bullbo, who provides him with a high defense and a long walking range. Just throw King Bulblin of by throwing explosives at him. When hit three times, King Bulblin falls off and Lord Bullbo runs away, leaving King Bulblin with a much lower defense and a slightly lower offense. Additionally, King Bulblin can only take three steps. King Bulblin is immune to stun, so again lowering his stats and attacking him with everything you have is the best strategy.

- Hyrule Boss: Zelda, Link and Ganondorf


And again once befiended enemies forge together for a stronger army.


Link and Ganondorf stay on the field and Zelda watches the fight from her throne, but this time, Zelda fires magical spells from time to time. The spells have different effects, like lowering attack or defense like your magical units.

Links and Ganondorf's HP are exactly the same. Link uses the Master Sword in Battle, Ganondorf fights with his bare hands. There is no event in this fight, and additionally ther is no special command to use because of Ganondorf's aura. Link only attacks with his sword, but sometimes throws bombs or shoots an arrow when he´s unable to reach any unit. Also, he is the only one of the two fought bosses (Zelda only assists the two) who actually walks towards your army. He does not have a high offense or defense, so it should be enough to bomb him. Also, he is vulnerable to fire and stun.

If you reach Ganondorf near the throne, he will us a spell to eliminate every one of your units outside of the circle he is standing in. Ganondorf has a high attack and defense and is immune to ANY kind of magical attack or status problems. He mainly attacks with his fists, but he also summons Bulblins, Bullbos and Skeletons. He is the first boss with an elemental main attack (Bowser uses his claws as a main attack, not his fire).

When Link and Ganondorf are defeated, Zelda gives up and gives you the rights to rule Hyrule.


- Dreamland Midboss: Alexa Burkhart

For better understanding: Alexandra Burkhart is a childhood rival of Kayne, searching for him because he forgot to write a birthday letter to her. Under the current circumstances, Alexa thought it was a good idea to ruin his plans as a payback for the letter. Additionally, she cutted down the actual midboss Whispy Woods because he was standing in her way.


As a female ninja, Alexa Burkhart attacks two times per turn and has a wide walking range due to her speed. But due to the fact that she only trained her speed, her offense and defense is that low, that a brainwashed Goomba can defeat her. Her HP is the same as the HP of Bowser. It is not revealed how she could cut down Whispy Woods with her low strenght.

- Dreamland Boss: King Dedede, Kirby and Meta Knight


How many enemies do we have to face until this "my enemy`s enemy is my friend"-thing stops? However, i like that giant bird.


King Dedede is the front man of the army. he canno t walk more than one step, but his offense is amazingly high compared to Bowser's. He only attacks one time per turn, but deals a lot of damage. It is highly recommended to lower his offense first, then attack him with explosive and stunning attacks. He has the most HP of the trio.

When approaching Kirby, he first runs away, until he copies the Magic-ability from a wizard's hat. Kirbyn in his current status is capable of electrical attacks, fire based attacks and attacks to lower all of the stats. His HP are low and his attack and defense stats are on the level of Meta Knight.

As the last resort, Meta Knight crashes into the battlefield when the King and Kirby are defeated. His attacks are not very strong, but he evns this out by attacking three times in a row with his sword Galaxia. The attacks have the effect to lower the attack of the hit unit. If surrounded by enemies, Meta Knight uses his tornado-like attack to push them away. When defeated, he leaves the battlefield in shame with King Dedede and Kirby in an escape pod.

Donkey Kong Country

- Boss: King K. Rool


A giant crocodile with a crown. Nothing much to see here. Wait, there was no midboss? I smell something coming up. Awesome!


King K. Rool does nothing than to run a little backwards and sending his minions to you. He will block every attack and is immune to fire, stun and sleep. Sometimes in this battle, he will send his crown flying towards the strongest enemy near him, or if available, the nearest ape. His crown-attack does not have any effects, but is very powerful. Attacks based on electricity are the only ones to damage K. Rool when he is running away. In the second phase, he will summon another large army of minions, but also fights your troops using his claws or his crown. He is the Boss with the highest HP in the whole game. You can make him vulnerable to stun using a mage-unit with a spell that can affect K. Rool with the status effect "dizzy". Also, his only opportunity against you are his abnormously high HP, so attacking him constantly will work just fine. When defeated (without any triggered events), King K. Rool is send flying by a brainwashed Kritter and the fight ends.


Holiday is over

When King K. Rool is not defeated under 10 minutes, Donkey Kong will appear to stop your troops from behind. He came back from holiday just to see that someone is conquering the islands. His HP are as high as King Dedede´s, he is invulnerable to electricity, stun and dizzy, but he is easily burned by fire-attacks and damaged through spells. Donkey Kong will also block melee and ranged normal attacks. If Donkey Kong appeared, you'll have to defeat both K. Rool and Donkey Kong to achieve victory when this event triggered.

Family vacation? (Legendary-mode only)

In legendary-mode, after the small amount of 5 minutes, Donkey Kong, Funky Kong, Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong appear as an ambush. They all share the same ability to block all melee and ranged normal attacks, being invulnerable to the same effects as Donkey Kong did in the other difficulties, but having different stats, Funky being the strongest, Donkey Kong being the second strongest, Diddy the third strongest and Dixie the least strongest in stats. Diddy Kong also uses his peanut cannon for ranged normal attacks. Additionally in legendary-mode, when King K. Rool is defeated when all the other Kongs are "on stage", he will be open to be brainwashed, being the only boss to be vulnerable to brainwashing after defeat.

Palutenas Realm

- Boss: Centurions, Pit and Palutena


Wow, a goddess, her general and a giant army. Or in my opinion: A group of dwarfs with wings, a child and a giant woman that obviously wants to date me. Thats an army i always wanted to defeat in the first place!


This time, your army is trapped in a small field of clouds before the real fight begins. You have 5 turns to prepare your troops with buffs and armor. If you brainwashed K. Rool in legendary-mode, take him with you. His ranged crown-attack will be helpful against most of the centurions appearing in the first phase.

In the first phase, several centurions will be spawned. Centurions have low HP and will be killed instantly when burned, but only if they not hover over the cloud your troops are standing on. If their wings are burnt when hovering over the cloud, they will just stand on it. centurions have an average defense, high offense, ranged normal attacks and a walk-rate of 3. The second phase begins instantly when all centurions are killed. That can be easily achieved by using fire-based attacks on them, as they are open to fire.

In the second phase, Palutena and Pit appear alongside another wave of centurions. Palutena plays a more assisting-based role like Zelda, but uses more light-based magical spells to attack, attacks with her staff and summons more centurions (on very rare occasions, she uses a lightning spell that hits all of your troops). She also has no HP in this form. Pit has the same stats as Mata-Knight, but is vulnerable to fire. His attacks are all combo-based normal melee and ranged attacks, he does not inflict any elemental damage or status effects. If Pit and all the centurions are defeated, Palutena retreats (only on easy, normal and hard difficulty).

In the third phase (legendary-mode only), Palutena transforms into a smaller version of herself, revives Pit (with half of his HP, but with a offense and defense buff) and several more centurions appear. The problem in this phase is Palutea herself, as she is invulnerable to everything and will block every attack, but still manages to attack three times in a row. Her attacks are now all based on electricity and very strong, so keep up defense buffs and electrical resistance on your troops. Palutenas invulnerability fades when every other unit is defeated. She also declines summoning more centurions because of the loss. her HP are slightly lower than the HP of K. Rool, but her attack and defense stats are incredibly high. When defeated, Palutena disappears, stating that this war should end now, and noone should be harmed again.

After you defeated Palutena in easy, normal or hard difficulty, you can access the first ending. The Pikmin Garden is optional in these difficulties, but will be a story-related world in legendary-mode, despite the fact that Pikmin Garden is some kind of a boss rush mode.

Pikmin Garden

- Bosses (in order of their appearance):

- Emperor Bulblax


A giant bug. Looks a lot like green pizza to me. A giant mutated vegetarian pizza!


The Emperor Bulblax shares the same stats like all the other bosses in Pikmin Garden. His stats are close to K. Rool's stats, but they all have a higher attack and defense. You fight him in a very small arena, what makes it hard to avoid his attacks later on. Emperor Bulblax follows a very dull attack pattern, but due to the size of the battlefield are they very effective. He uses his tongue just like in the Pikmin series, but he does not kill every one of your units that get hit by it. He does not move very much either, but he can jump into an unknown position, just to come back and squash your units. He is immune to every status effect, but will get the "dizzy" status when explosives or explosive units are fed to him. Additionally, feeding him explosives is the most effective way to kill him. You can only damage him by attacking his head and feeding him bombs and such. After his defeat, he will drop a note that can be read via the menu (only in "Legendary" mode).

- Raging Long Legs


A fat spider. Whats next? A giant bread roll?


The Raging Long Legs shares the same stats like all the other bosses in Pikmin Garden. He attacks by stomping your units with his enormous feet. but is a bit too slow at the beginning, so he will be easy to damage. He only walks one space with one foot at a time. When his HP are very low, the real problem will begin. The Raging Long Legs will move three spacs with every foot (stomping on your units of course) and attacks thre times normally per turn. The strategy to follow for this boss is very easy: stun, electrify or freeze him all the time, so he won´t walk or attack. Then keep damaging him until he is defeated. The Raging Long Legs is considered the easiest boss in the game, depending on the player's skill. When killed he drops another note (only in "Legendary" mode).

- Titan Dweevil


Spider. Again. And it uses weapons. If im not going to harness its power to make the people of this planet tremble in fear right before me then i don´t know what else to do. Maybe nachos.


The Titan Dweevil uses all of it's known attacks from Pikmin 2 (except shooting poisonous gas). Firing water, using a flamethrower and creating a field of electricity are it's normal attacks. It also uses new attacks, like firing burning rocks, setting the ground on fire, using a watery geysir and a laser cannon. The Titan Dweevil consists of a generator, a flamethrower, a tap and a laser cannon, all having the same stats as the other bosses in Pikmin Garden, but all using their own health bar.

It will be helpful to use as much magic based units as possible, since the gadgets of the Titan Dweevil can inflict mostly every status effect. The gadgets have their own weaknesses, being vulnerable to water (except the tap) and electricity (except the laser cannon and the generator), so it is recommended to use that elements instead of melee based attacks.

The Titan Dweevil will even repair every gadget himself, every time a gadget loses all of it's HP, unless you have broken off the generator. If all gadgets have been destroyed, the Titan Dweevil will remain shieldless and can now be attacked with every type of unit. If defeated, the Titan Dweevil will leave a note, and a cutscene plays (only in "Legendary" mode).

The Final Fight


It's me. Personally. You should have hoped this will never happen! Now prepare for a beating you never got before! Watch and learn, because i will wipe the floor with you! Put up your dukes!

The "Final Fight" with Kayne can only be accessed by deciding to either take control of the planet yourself or giving it back to its inhabitants, making him angry. He then runs away and prepares a fight you, to ultimately decide who is "the real king around here".


Before you begin the fight, you should repeat some of the previous missions and get more units, because of Kayne´s abnormously high defense. Every hit he will take will only do 1 HP of damage, and his attacks can defeat 14 units at once if their defense is too low. Since you'll use every single unit, you should get at least 9.000 or more units with more defense than a brainwashed red Koopa has.

If you did, you can begin the fight. Kayne uses mostly his sword, attacking all units around him with a tornado kind of attack. He sometimes uses dark matter to electrify your units or to freze them His attacks are non-elemental and will be instant death to every unit with less defense than a red Koopa has. Kayne does not have any weakness and will recieve 1 HP damage from elemental attacks and crits as well. He shares his stats (except his attack and defense) with King K. Rool. If he is hit enough times, he will summon his robot "Bus Nr. 8" to squash 7 of your units and block the way. If he is defeated, his gadgets at his jacket will explode and he is send flying into the deep space around Nintendo Planet.

Also, he will drop a note when defeated.


The "Very First" Ending

This is the only ending that will play if you defeated Palutena in "Palutenas Realm" in Easy, Normal or Hard mode.

While talking to Kayne in his spaceship about your victory, he gratulates you for your glorious victory. "I´m very impressed and full of proud to call you my second in command, but now i've got to go home for a moment, i am in for some nachos and the breakfast i did not had. I'll be back soon. Keep an eye on these people until i'm back, kay?" And with this words he suddenly teleported himself away.

During the credits, it can be seen pictures of the people from the Nintendo Planet, getting their homes back one by one. When the credits played, Kayne can be seen looking at the planet as it became home of the inhabitants again. He can be heard saying: "This will not last long. Prepare the troops for another attack. But this time, let's get over this quickly. And let it look "legendary", kay?" And then a message appears, saying that "Legendary" mode is unlocked.

The "Best" Ending

If you defeated Kayne in "Legendary" mode to give the control of the planet back to its people, Kayne will be seen floating alone through the space, and everyone on Nintendo Planet lives happily ever after. During the credits can be seen how the inhabitants of Nintendo Planet rebuild their homes with the help of their new friend.

At the end of the credits can be seen a message, that says that the "good" concept graphics are now unlocked.

The "Baddest" Ending

If you defeated Kayne in "Legendary" mode to gain the control over the planet to enslave their people, Kayne can be seen floating alone through the space like in the "best" ending. During the credits will be seen a picture slideshow, with pictures about the enslaved inhabitants working on dark machines and weapons for their new ruler.

Then the "bad" concept graphics will be unlocked.

The "Real" Ending

If you decided to give Kayne the control over the planet, he happily declines, saying:

"It´s a good thing that i created you. I see you do not disappoint me. I will now tell you everything. This is not the real planet i am searching to rule. It is a copy, created in a universe that i created as well. And you are nothing more than a clone of mine. I´m sure you are deeply shocked, but don't be afraid what comes. As i thought, i am now prepared to take the control of the universe i'm living in. And YOU will stay here instead of me, having the time of your life! Go on, this planet is yours."

After he said goodbye to his creation, he teleported away to his own universe, to fulfill the duty he always wanted to have. Taking the control over an entire universe!

You can then decide what you should do. Help the people from Nintendo Planet to rebuild their homes, or enslave them, like in the previous endings. After the credits, a message can be seen, that says that the "awesome" comic is now unlocked.


  • In the "awesome" comic, Kayne will open a portal to Alexa, who is sitting next to Whispy Woods on Nintendo Planet. He argues with her about her birthday, and as a "late present" he takes her back to their universe.
    • As the portal in the "awesome" comic opens, Unten and Netnu plushes can be seen in the room Kayne stands in.
  • As you see the "The End" screen after the real ending played, Kayne will say "Thank you for playing my game!" as a reference to Super Mario games.
  • The phrase "Put up your dukes!" in Kayne's boss description is a reference to "Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People", where Strong Bad originally wanted to beat up Homestar in "Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner".
  • This game is not canon to the story of the "World Dominator" series as it will be reimagined in the new game "World Dominator: The Original: Colon Cancer".

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