World Chronicles
World Chronicles
Logo by Lumogo
Developer(s) Firaxis Games, Violet Enterprises
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) New 3DS
Release Date(s)
Continue, New Game, Options
Age Rating(s)
T (NA)

E10+ (Everywhere else)

Genre(s) Creation & Action
Series Civilization
Predecessor Civilization: Beyond Earth

World Chronicles is a game in the Civilization series (debated, some think it's a spinoff) where, unlike the last games, get to do more then just manage a civilization. With the developer of Civilization: Beyond Earth, Firaxis Games, joined by Violet Enterprises, this game was made before the announced release date of 6/13/15 and the rumored release date of 1/5/16. Despite the other civilization games being on Steam and other consoles, this has only currently been released for the New 3DS. Firaxis Games has confirmed it being ported to Xbox One, Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux, PS4, and Wii U. People have yelled at them making the release date for New 3DS come first before all the other ports, and also for having it be on the New 3DS. 


It's been thousands of years since mankind has settled in space. Aliens have become close friends and have granted humanity use of their technology. One day, a space colony known as Shade has declared war on Aliens, and using the Alien's Technology started hunting down Aliens. After this event, the surviving aliens band a colony known as ALIENZ and threaten to destroy mankind, it's up to you to either join up with the ALIENZ and hunt down mankind, or join up with Shade. Or, if you don't trust either of them, eliminate both mankind and ALIENZ and be the final colony, and the rulers of space itself.

Alien Technology

Name How to get What it does
Laser Gun Ally with ALIENZ Destroys things, can destroy planets.
Planet Maker Explore 10 planets (doesn't matter who you're allied with) You can make your own planet.
Alien Birth Machine Ally with ALIENZ and have 2 aliens be in love (random) You can make a baby alien which you can turn into a bloodthirsty killing machine
TIme Machine Ally with Shade and raid 1 Alien Spaceship You can go back to any previous turn with all your stats and stuff. Problem is there's a 50% chance of half of the men  you have dieing.
UFO Choose the Flying path in the upgrade menu- requires the upgrade "Universal Floating Orange". You get to send either Aliens or Men on raids of the enemy colony. Also it looks like a orange

Choose the Random path in the upgrade menu- requires the upgrade "Magic!... Ball"

Can shoot either fire, ice, or water balls at the enemy colony, which will either kill their men or damage their spacecraft.
Medic Machine Choose the Doctor path in the upgrade menu- requires the upgrade "Meet the Medic Machine" Can heal injured men/aliens to full health. Also able to heal the spacecraft by 1/10 of it's health every 10 turns.
Holograms Unlocked at turn 50- from there you have to get atleast one other piece of alien technology and holograms are unlocked. You can use either a man or a alien to send a threat to the opposing colony. It'll send them in a worry and has a 1/100 chance of a man/alien jumping into space and dieing from lack of oxygen.
Speedboots Ally with Shade, raid 2 alien spaceships, unlocked at turn 30. You can put these on men and when you send them to fight aliens they'll have the advantage of speed.
Space Nuke After 500 turns if the game still isn't over, the Space Nuke is unlocked. Will send a space nuke to destroy the entire universe itself. You instantly get a tie.





Beta Elements


  • Story & opening: Terraria
  • Shade: Violet
  • Logo: Lumogo

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