The World Bore is an ancient machine built by inhabitants of the Trivellare System, which was powerful enough to drill a hole in the fabric of the universe, allowing full access to the multiverse.


Fantendo Dare

Jirea hears of the World Bore, and realizes that he can use it to tear a hole in the Fantendoverse to reach the Beast Between. He sends his minions out throughout the Trivellare System to gather the pieces, but is interrupted by Dare and his assembled heroes.


Blight Battery

The Blight Battery is the first piece of the World Bore, and supplies power to the whole Bore. It obtains this power by absorbing the life energy of nearby beings. As such, it was placed on Einskogr, a heavily forested planet abundant with life, to charge.

Void Drill

Sepulchral Engine

The Sepulchral Engine is the engine used to convert the Blight Battery's power into the Bore's movement. It was stolen some time in the past and used to power the spaceship Ustaznar, although it ceased functioning shortly afterwards as the remaining power it had taken from the Blight Battery ran out.

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