Platformer World
World 9 Rainbow Road (NSFMBTAR)
World 9 Rainbow Road
Appearance New Super Flash Mario Bros. The Adventure Returns
Levels 8
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Rainbow Road (known as Rainbow Path, Star Road, Rainbow World) is a rainbow-themed world. Each of the eight levels in this world are unlocked by getting eight of the Stars in the world of the corresponding level number (e.g. One Star Coin in World 1 unlocks World 9-1). None of the levels have any Checkpoint Flags in them which adds to the challenge of the world, which may be a reference to the Special World from Super Mario World, which, along with the Star World, provides the inspiration for this world. The rainbow theme of the world is also similar to the Rainbow Road courses in the Mario Kart series. This world features more levels from New Super Mario Bros. U like, Layer-Cake Desert, Sparkling Waters, and Rock-Candy Mines.


This world is inspired by Special Zone from Super Mario World and World 9 from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

World 9-1 Flowery Garden

A first and grassland-themed level based on World 1-3 in Super Mario Bros. 3.

World 9-2 Layer-Cake Desert

A second and desert-themed level based on World 1-1 in Super Mario Land with many pyramids.

World 9-3 Sparkling Waters

A third and water-themed level featuring the waterfall background from New Super Mario Bros. U. This level is half-similar and half-based on Sparkling Waters-4 Urchin Shoals in New Super Mario Bros. U.

World 9-4 Poisonous Jungle

A fourth and jungle-themed level featuring many giant enemies and blocks, it also features a longest raft that appear in this level.

World 9-5 Night Glacier

A fifth and ice-themed level that covers with slippery ice and waters, the enemies features many jumping Cheep Cheeps.

World 9-6 Rock Candy Mines

A sixth and mountain-themed featuring many pipes with Piranha Plants. It also includes many warp pipes that take place in the mountainous pipe maze.

World 9-7 Sky Islands

A seventh and sky-themed with grassy high islands with bottomless foggy pits. It features many Para Beetles.

World 9-8 Magma Pools

An eighth and lava-themed castle level with pools of magma. This level does not feature a boss battle which is the last level in this rainbow-themed world which Mario completed all of the worlds.

World 9-9 Nightlife Island Paradise

A ninth, final and night beach-themed level which features many Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Huckit Crabs.

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