The 6th World of New Super Mario Bros. 3 (Silver-zoroark's version). World 6 is the final world on Easy and or Normal mode. It is where Bowser's kingdom resides, and has two parts to it. The first part is like World 5, exept much brighter and some lava in certain places. The second part is across a bridge, and right in front of (and eventually in) Bowser's Castle. After beating this world on Easy (or Normal mode) the player beats the game and the ending is unlocked.


Level 6-1

Like the first level of World 5 exept it features lava in some areas. The enemies are Splunkins, Broozers, and the level introduces Crowbers.

Level 6-2

A level with what seems to be a storm in the backround. There are mushrooms (not to mention poison ones) for Mario to climb on but the main enemy is Lakitu! Also Monty Moles with Kab-Ombs instead of Bob-Ombs.

Level 6-3

An under-water under-ground level mix, with Skeeters, Urchins, and a few other water enemies.

Level 6-Tower

Snake Blocks are in this tower along with the common enemies. Also Dry Spikes are introduced, throwing spiked balls at Mario.

Level 6-4

Raining Debris is featured in this level. Also lots of Kab-Ombs and some Crowbers. At the end there are two Hammer Bros. and somewhere there is a Sumo Bro.

Level 6-Ghost House

A Ghost House with the final Boohemoth, Boos, and Balloon Boos. For part of this is outside, Splunkins are featured too.

Level 6-5

This level takes place inside a volcano, with rising lava.

Level 6-Castle

A large Castle with lots of ropes and lava. All the basic Castle enemies are featured, and at the end Mario has to fight Dry Bowser and it is a bit like the first Bowser fight.

Level 6-6

It takes place in a cavern by Bowser's Castle. It has lava and is the only level in the game with Magikoopas, spawning Goombas.

Level 6-Tower 2

Being the last Tower in the game, it is plenty hard. There are "Bone Enemies" and more.

Level 6-Bowser's Castle

The final level in the game. Most of the enemies are from the previous Tower, but Thwomps and Whomps appear in this Castle. Not to mention Podoboos. Here is a list of all the rooms:

Room 1: The first room, a hallway with lots of lava. It leads up to a door to the next room.

Room 2: A room with a Thwomp and a choice of two different rooms to go in.

More rooms coming soon.

Enemy Course

Enemy Course 1

Easy: 2 Dry Spikes

Medium: 4 Dry Spikes

Hard: 2 Sumo Bros.

Enemy Course 2

Easy: 1 Magikoopa

Medium: 2 Magikoopas

Hard: 3 Magikoopas

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