This is World 3 of New Super Mario Bros. 3 (Silver-zoroark's version). World 3 is the snow and ice world, although it has large amounts of frozen or non frozen water.


Level 3-1

The first level of the World, Level 3-1 has snow on trees and all the basic enemies, but it also has Snow Spikes who throw Snowballs at Mario.

Level 3-2

Level 3-2 introduces a sort of new enemy, Ice Lakitu. Unlike normal Lakitus this one throws Buzzy Beetles, so it is less dangerous but can attack Mario from the air. Halfway through there is a checkpoint near freezing water.

Level 3-Ghost House

The first Ghost House in the game, it introduces Boos and Broozers, and later on Boohemoth.

Level 3-Tower

As the Tower of World 3 this tower has slippery ice, and is more spread out then most towers. It has Spiked Balls in certain places and introduces Bone Pirahna Plants.

Level 3-3

A very icy level, with water too. Mario gets the Frog Suit in this level and it introduces Snailicorns and Blooper Nannies.

Level 3-4

This level is underground, with lone Spinies and Buzzy Beetles. Also Broozers and Snow Spikes make an appearence.

Level 3-5

There are some Snow Spikes in this level along with a Roulette Block, and it seems the whole level is going uphill and then down to get the flag.

Level 3-Castle

A Castle filled with ice. Due to this there is no lava, and ropes return and there is also swinging platforms and some freezing water. The boss of this level is Super Puffer-Cheep, along with two little Puffer-Cheeps.

Enemy Course

Easy - 2 Snow Spikes

Medium - 4 Snow Spikes

Hard - 6 Snow Spikes

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