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World 2 Sarasaland (NSFMBTAR)

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Platformer World
World 2 Sarasaland (NSFMBTAR)
World 2 Sarasaland
Appearance New Super Flash Mario Bros. The Adventure Returns
Levels 9
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Sarasaland (also known as Princess Daisy's Kingdom, Daisy's Desert, Desert World) is a second and desert-themed world, with enemies such as Pokeys and Fire Snakes. This desert kingdom filled with palm trees, pyramids, ruins, sandy hills, and waters. Sarasaland's regions are Birabuto as World 2-1 Birabuto Desert, Muda as World 2-A Muda Oasis, Easton as World 2-4 Easton Desert Ruins, and Chai as World 2-6 Chai Quicksand. The boss of this world is Morton Koopa Jr. (who was also the boss of Desert Hill in Super Mario Bros. 3) and King Totomesu.


Just like World 2 from New Super Mario Bros., the desert world is a remake as Sarasaland which includes the desert background from New Super Mario Bros. Wii with Princess Daisy's Castle

World 2-1 Birabuto Desert

A first and desert level with Pokeys. This level is similar to World 2-1 in New Super Mario Bros.

World 2-2 Night Grassland Desert

A second and half-grassland and half-desert level at night with Goombas, Koopas, and a Lakitu.

World 2-3 Ancient Sarasa Pyramid

A third and pyramid level with Scuttle Bugs. This level is similar to World 1-3 in Super Mario Land.

World 2-4 Easton Desert Ruins

A fourth and Easton-desert level with Tokotokos. This level is similar to Spike's Spouting Sands in New Super Mario Bros. U.

World 2-Tower Morton's Ancient Tower

A tower level with Fire Chomps. The boss is Morton Koopa Jr..

World 2-5 Sunburning Desert

A fifth and desert-quicksand level with Spinies, Spikes, and Angry Sun that shoots more Fire Snakes. This level is similar to Blooming Lakitus in New Super Mario Bros. U.

World 2-A Muda Oasis

A first secret and beach-like desert-oasis level with Jumping Eep Cheeps. This level is similar to World 2-A in New Super Mario Bros..

World 2-6 Chai Quicksand

A sixth and desert-quicksand level with Nyololins and Pionpis.

World 2-Castle Morton's Desert Castle

A castle level based on World 2-4 in Super Mario Bros. with Rolling Spiny Eggs. The bosses are Morton Koopa Jr. and King Totomesu.

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