The second world of New Super Mario Bros. 3 (Silver-zoroark's version). This world takes place on a canyon, and has dust blowing everywhere. The creator of this game tried not to overdo the "desert as World 2" momentum.


Level 2-1

The first level of of World 2. It has canyons and sand, and introduces Pokeys and Fuzzies.

Level 2-2

This level first takes place on ground (canyons) but later on is in the water almost underground. Also in this level Bloopers are introduced.

Level 2-3

This level has a Lakitu following Mario and takes place by the canyon where there is lots and lots of sand. Mario must climb up dunes to run away or try to defeat Lakitu.

Level 2-Tower

This tower has lots of moving platforms and introduces Super Dry Bones and Big Bone Goombas. At the end there is a boss battle, but the creator can't yet figure out if it should be with Bowser Jr. or not.

Level 2-4

In this level Mario is given the Rodent Leaf at the beginning, and the level takes place on grass like World 1. However a little later on there are two Lakitus chasing Mario, and there is a Goomba's Shoe somewhere in the level.

Level 2-5

This level takes place in the "docks" and introduces Spike Bass, which chases Mario through the level in the water beneath. There is a Mini Mushroom in the level for Mario to walk on water and later enter a secret pipe, but it would be risky.

Level 2-6

In this level Mario gets the Boomerang Flower, and Hammer Bros. and Boomerang Bros. are everywhere in the level. There is also a secret that only Mega Mario can get to.

Level 2-Castle

This Castle introduces Thwomps and Whomps, and has the boardwalks from Level 2-5. At the end Mario has to fight King Tut, once in Mario Pinball Land and now returning.

Enemy Course

Easy - 3 Smaller Pokeys

Medium - 3 Tall Pokeys

Hard - 2 Fire Bros.

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