Daisy Hills is the first World of Ultra and Super Duper Mario Bros.. It is home to Princess Daisy as well as a lot of Toads.


Level 1-0 - Daisy's Palace

This is where Mario can learn tips and tricks from Princess Peach and Toad. It is also where he can get gifts from Miis on Mie Street.

Level 1-1 - Grass

The first level in the game and the first grass level. It introduces all the basics to Mario and the screen-scrolling mechanic learned near the checkpoint. The power-up is the all-new Bunny Suit as well as a Fire Flower later in the level. The enemies are basic enemies: Goombas (and Bunny Goombas and Goomba Towers), Koopa Troopas, the new dog-enemy Puppups, and the bird enemy that is extremely easy to defeat, Tweeter.

Level 1-2 - Under Ground

The 2nd level in the game not suprisingly takes place under ground. In this level the Ice Flower is back from NSMB Wii, and Pirahna Plants and Inky Plants are introduced. Spikes are also featured halfway in the level and at the end, near the pipe to the flag, a Super Pirahna Plant is found.

Level 1-3 - Sky

This is the first level in the game that takes place in the sky, with trees and moving platforms. This level introduces Koopa Paratroopas, Biddybuds, Para-Biddybuds, and Paragoombas. Also near the checkpoint a normal Baby Yoshi is found (on multiplayer one Baby and multiple basic ones).

Level 1-4 - Tower

The first Tower in the game. It has moving platforms and introduces Dry Bones. The power-up in this level is the Fire Flower. At the top of the tower the boss is Boom Boom. He charges at Mario with his basic attack pattern, with no obsticles surrounding.

Level 1-5 - Grass

A basic level that has 4 screens. (It goes all the way around). It introduces the new Water Flower and the Bubble Baby Yoshi, leading up to the path to the twin levels both with different Baby Yoshis. It also re-features Puppups as well as Bunny Goombas. Also, there are plenty of pipes around the level.

Level 1-6 - Sky

Another level that takes place in the sky. It is side-scrolling with a big moving platform in the middle that Mario must stay on for most of the level. Pirahna Plants and Venus Fire Traps drop down onto the platform in addition to all the Para-enemies flying around the level. This level also introduces Blimp Yoshis.

Level 1-7 - Under Ground

The 2nd under ground level and the first one where it is all dark. There are Pirahna Plants, Venus Fire Traps, and some traps. Luckily Glowing Baby Yoshi can guide Mario through the level with his glowing powers.

Level 1-8 - Castle

The first castle in the game. It has lava, Podoboos, Dry Bones, Firebars, and Draglets return from 3D Land. At the end of the Castle the boss is the great Goomba, Goomboss, who packs quite a punch. His head-wear is pointy and can hurt Mario, but when Goomboss stomps on the ground he gets dizzy and it falls off, letting Mario be able to stomp on him. After three stomps Goomboss is defeated and Mario gets the key to the next World, Fishy Lake.

Level 1-S - Mushrooms

The first secret level and the secret level of World 1. The level is filled with mushrooms and the Bunny Suit is featured again. The enemies from Level 1-3 return minus the Pirahna Plants. Also the music in the level, being a special level, is from the original Super Mario Bros. but more of a remix of the main theme.

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