Space Fleet Galaxy

This airship level needs one star to open, the first one in the game.

Astro Piranha Death Match

Mario starts on a grassy planet surrounded by a circle of airships. Mario must head to the other side and climb the tower. After that, they should take the Pull Stars to another small planet with some Dark Lumas. Mario must hit a switch that creates a bridge to an airship and get there quickly. The player should go inside and get to the Launch Star which shoots him to another one. After traveling to another grassy planet, Mario should defeat the Grand Goombas to open a cage with the Launch Star. This takes him to a smaller planet with a checkpoint and a Launch Star that takes him to a small airship. Mario should head inside and take on Astro Piranha. Mario should shake his tail four times. After being hit the third time, he can shoot iceballs that freeze Mario temporarily.

Flip or Flop

Mario begins on the same planet, but there is a Hungry Luma. After feeding him fifteen Star Bits, he will create a Launch Star to a network of airships with Flip-Swap Platforms that Mario can flip by spinning. After getting through the first part, he should take the Sling Star to an area with Bullet Bills and one Banzai Bill at the end. The player should get a Bullet to follow him and break the cage with the Star.

Astro Piranha's Speed Run

A Speedy Comet must be in orbit to play this. Mario must play through the first level normally and defeat the boss, but he only has three minutes.

Flip or Not

Mario must play Flip or Flop. After the checkpoint, there is a wall. Heading behind it will lead Mario to death unless he jumps to a hidden platform. The player must long jump from the blue side to get to the Power Star in the sky.

Giant Mountain Galaxy

This mountain requires three stars to open.

Scaling the Mountain

Mario starts on a grassy field with a few hills. Mario must proceed to the hill on the left which has a switch that will make a Sling Star to the mountain appear. If he goes to the right, there will be a Life Mushroom. At the mountain, Mario must go all the way around, crossing a thin bridge and making tricky jumps. Here, there will be a tunnel. Mario can skip half of the level by wall jumping here, leading Mario to a higher section near the summit. Going through the tunnel, the player enters a section with varying gravity depending on the arrows on the wall. After getting past here, Mario can choose one of two Sling Stars. One will take him very close to the top, with a tricky section loaded with enemies. The other one will take him farther away, but the path is less steep and only has a few boulders. Mario must make it past some Sliding Stones and wall jump up the path. This takes him to the opposite summit ridge, which is very steep and cannot be climbed without bouncing off of NPCs or somersaulting. The two paths meet here and the star is dead ahead.

Dark Luma's Attack

Mario arrives and is suddenly brought into a chamber by some Dark Lumas. Mario attacks them by jumping and traverses through an underground bunker filled with lava. In the center is the lead Dark Luma. His fight is slightly harder. The room is longer and there are three switches, although they are easier to hit. Dark Luma can now shoot fireballs. When he gets hit the second time, the floor opens and Mario must stay on the very edge unless he wishes to fall into deep space.

Dark Luma's Daredevil Run

The Daredevil Comet must be in orbit. The player must defeat Dark Luma with only one wedge of health.

The Hidden Ledge

Near the checkpoint on the second mission, the player can see a high ledge blocked by a lava flow. The player must go forward and hit the switch that temporarily drains the lava. Instead of crossing, the player must head back and get to the ledge, where the star is.

Battlefield Galaxy

This is a remake of Bob-omb Battlefield. Four stars are needed to unlock it.

Big Bob-omb on the Summit

This is played the same way as the original. Mario must go up the bridge, to the left, and up the path to Big Bob-omb. However, he is fought differently. He throws smaller bombs at Mario, who must light them and throw them back once. Also, the player can get up the mountain quickly. On the other side of the first gate (not the one guarded by a Chain Chomp), there is a ! Switch. If Mario hits it, a Sling Star will appear which will shoot Mario up to just below the summit.

Koopa the Quick's First Challenge

Koopa the Quick can be found by the beginning of the stage. If Mario talks to him, he will race Mario. This time, he is much faster than in SM64. He can walk a lot faster and jump higher than Mario. The ! Switch shortcut is now blocked off by a second gate on the other side, so Mario must rely on purely his running and jumping skills to defeat him.

Purple Coins in the Battlefield

This is only accessible when a Purple Comet is in orbit. It creates one hundred coins, scattered around the battlefield for Mario to find. There is no time limit.

Behind Chain Chomp's Gate

Mario must ground pound on the Chain Chomp's pole three times, causing him to break free and destroy the wall blocking the Power Star.

Blizzard Blitz Galaxy

This level is snow themed. Five stars are needed to open it.

Ice Skating 101

Mario must talk to a penguin near the starting point where he will tell Mario how to skate. Mario must then hike up the hills where he should see a ! Switch in the middle of some Li'l Brrrs. After hitting it, all the water in the level will freeze, allowing him to skate across a pond near the beginning. Mario must trek up the next part of the level, where there will be lots of cliffs and hills. After skating across a few gaps, Mario will see the star on a floating island.

The Blizzard Maze

A Luma is now present near the start who will create a Launch Star taking Mario to an area where it is snowing heavily. Mario must traverse one of five paths that will take him to a Sling Star. Four will take him back to the start of the maze and one will take him to the second part. This part is much more mazelike. Mario can easily end up back where he started. The Power Star is in the heart of the maze.

Cosmic Mario's Maze Run

Mario will appear at the start of the second section of the maze, where Cosmic Mario will challenge him. Mario must get to the star before Cosmic Mario. Mario can hit switches that temporarily block off paths, that can both help and hurt Mario. If the player is Luigi, they will race Cosmic Luigi instead who is faster and knows which path to take. Also, the ! Switches disappear.

Sandy Shores Galaxy

This is a beach galaxy that needs seven stars to unlock. A Hungry Luma will appear on the map and the player should feed it 400 Star Bits.

Surfing for Silver Stars

Mario must find 30 Star Bits by the starting area and feed a Hungry Luma. He will create a surfboard which Mario can take and surf. Mario should see some silver stars far out. He must surf past the two islands to the deck on the other side of the beach, where there is a lighthouse similar to the one in Sea Slide Galaxy. There is one silver star behind it, one on top of a tree, one in the bottom of a deep pit near the shore, one near an island really far away from both shores, and the last one on top of some Lumas on the far shore. Mario must triple jump and spin, or ride a wave and hop off of the surfboard.

Riding the Waves

The surfboard is already present in this mission. Mario must ride out, where he will notice bigger waves. Mario must ride to the far shore and hop onto the top of the lighthouse after riding a wave. There is a Launch Star. This will take him to a thin section of water like Loopdeeloop Galaxy. Mario must ride the waves, taking care not to fall. If he reaches the end in time, he will get a star.

Purple Coins on the Waves

Mario starts by the Loopdeeloop section. Now, there are 150 purple coins on it. Mario must surf through the course, collecting at least 100 coins by the time he finishes the lap. If he doesn't get enough, he will lose a life and have to retry the level.

Cloudy Hills Galaxy

This galaxy introduces the Cloud Flower. Nine stars are needed to open it.

Up, Up, and Away

The player must cross the first bridge and get to the top of the rock. There, Mario can use a Cloud Flower to travel to the next planet, where Mario must swing on some vines to get to the treetops. After getting there, the player must take the Launch Star. Getting here, Mario must scale a larger rock using the Cloud Flower while crossing treacherous gaps. At the top is the star.

Tox Trials 101

After climbing to the first rock, Mario should see that the path is blocked off. Instead, he has to find Star Chips around the rock which create a Launch Star that takes Mario to another, hazy planet. There are a lot of Tox Boxes and Mario must use the Cloud Flower to trek through the maze to get to the Star.

Fast Foe Tox Boxes

This is the same as the second mission, but the enemies move two times faster, making it hard for Mario to get through the level.

Lemmy Koopa's Haunted Tower

Twelve stars are needed to open Lemmy Koopa's lair.

King Boo's Haunting Spree

This level is ghost themed. Mario must look through three floors of the mansion. Only one door will lead to the boss. After finding the door, Mario must travel through a poison lake using a set of Snake Blocks. After this, the player finds Lemmy Koopa hopping on his ball. He summons King Boo to attack Mario. King Boo spits out Bomb Boos, which Mario must catch and swing into him three times. This releases the Grand Star that allows Mario to travel to World 2.

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