Working as a Team
Working as a Team
Egghead, Lance, Sqak, Melvin, Croco, Keef and Tubby all running away from the saw blade wall
TV Series Skip and Sqak XD
Season Number 1
Episode Number 14
Writer(s) Namsean1998
Airing Date(s)
Saturday November 30, 2013
Runtime 30 Minutes
Preceding Episode Road Rat
Following Episode Galax-Mas
Working as a Team is the 14th episode of Skip and Sqak XD. It first aired on November 30, 2013. The plot involves SSFF and RED get captured and forced to survive many obstacles in a dangerous game show.


  • SSFF
  • RED
  • Larry Lagoochie (Main Antagonist)
  • Larry's Minions (Secondary Antagonists)
  • Freddy Fiddlesticks (Minor Character)


In SSFF's dorm, Tubby is sitting in his sofa watching "Death Run", a dangerous game show where players have to survive through dangerous obstacles. Tubby's favorite constestant, a short nerdy guy named Freddy Fiddlesticks, is competing in an obstacle course filled with vaperizing laser guns. But right when he was about to go, Freddy gets shot and vaperized by a laser, killing him instanty. This death horrifies Tubby as he runs out of the dorm in tears. Roshan and Imp see their wailing friend and ask Dib what's wrong with him. After Dib tells the story and says Freddy is pretty stupid for attending Death Run, Roshan tells Dib that Freddy didn't sign up infact he was actually taken and forced to compete by the show's owner, an insane alien named Larry Lagoochie. Dib doesn't believe in that nonsense and decides to watch his cooking show.

Meanwhile, on Xoon, Bruno and Lance keep rewinding the scene of Freddy getting vaperized over and over again yelling "BOOM!" everytime until Mevlin snatches the remote from them because he thinks they'll break the TV doing that. Melvin reminds the two that Queen Priceless is upstairs taking her nap but they continued the ruckus. Priceless is woken by the loud shouting until the palace begins to shake. It turns out that Larry Lagoochie is carrying the entire palace via tractor beam coming from his entire space ship where Death Run is being hosted in. In SSFF's dorm, Tubby has a small "funeral" for Freddy and he asks Dib come up to do speech about him. Dib doesn't know much about Freddy, so what he mentions is "He's the size of a garden gnome, he wears very tight pants that feels like your getting a wedgey and when he screams, he sounds like a cat getting mowed by a chainsaw". Offended by Dib's speech, Tubby tells him to get out of the dorm but Dib can't open the door. As everyone struggles opening the door, Skip is staring at the window and asks "Guys? Does space ever turn red all of a sudden?" which turns out that the entire dorm is being carried by Larry's red-colored tractor beam.

Xoon Palace and SSFF's Dorm are both in Larry's docking station, where both teams argue over who's fault it was for sending them here until Larry Lagoochie appears and introduces himself. Larry then explains to the teams that some group members from each team have to join the other team. He pairs Sqak, Croco, Tubby, Oswald, Lance, Melvin, Egghead, Ty and Dr. Keef in "Brave Birds" team and Skip, Cynder, Imp, Robin, Roshan, Dib, Priceless, Jerry, Bruno and Sparky in "Flippin Frogs" team. Brave Birds and Flippin Frogs first challenge is to go through an entire field of explosive mines. Brave Birds use Keef as a mine detector while Skip uses bubbles to blow up the bombs for him and Flippin Frogs to pass by. At a large rock, Keef tells Brave Birds to go left but he mistakenly meant right just as they were about to step on a mine. Both teams made it through the mine field unharmed much to Larry's amazement. Next, Brave Birds and Flippin Frogs are getting chased by a wall of saw blades and have to get passed an obstacle full of swinging axes, flaming floors and smashing cieling tiles. Everyone gets through alive.

In the third challenge, Brave Birds and Flippin Frogs all have to ride on toboggans down a hill with spikey walls, fire pits and barbed wires. Lance, Bruno, Tubby and Croco all slow down their toboggan with their strong hands while Sparky steers Flippin Frog's toboggan. Brave Birds jump over a huge pit of flames while Flippin Frogs steer around it. Everyone rides down the dangerous hill in one piece. Brave Birds and Flippin Frogs all stay in locked cages for the night. Melvin suspects that Larry is never gonna let them go until they are all killed, which everyone else believes in. Both groups decide to set up a plan to escape Death Run ship, where Imp, Keef, Oswald and Jerry both slip out of their cages due to their short size. Sneaking passed the hallway guards and security lights, the 4 small guys go into the control center and freed everyone from their cages. When the teams see Tubby and Imp looking at the computer in fear, the teams walk over to the computer which reveals that Larry is actually a planet invader and that he has been abducting previous hero teams and killing them with his obstacle courses and he invades their planets. Realizing Larry's true motive, RED and SSFF all try to escape only to get caught by the guards which results a chase through a deadly maze.

Keef and Sparky rehack the maze's traps and activates them to destroy all of the security guards just as they were about to kill SSFF and RED. The two teams rush back to Xoon Palace and SSFF's dorm in the docking bay but Larry confronts them and battles them until Lance accidentaly knocks off his head which reveals that he is actually a small being riding in a robotic suit. Egghead accidentaly steps on the ship's self destruct switch (which was inside Larry's hat) and the entire ship is going to blow in 10 seconds. SSFF and RED ride their homes down to Galaxian High and Xoon leaving Larry to most likely perish in the explosion, ending his invasion plans once and for all. SSFF and RED are happy to be back at home and Larry will not cause anymore trouble to the rest of the hero teams.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Larry survived the explosion and is stranded on an asteroid, desperatly calling for help.

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