The Workers' Party of the Nintendo Order, or simply the Workers' Party, is a left-wing social democratic political party that was once able to capture rule of the Mushroom Kingdom, Hyrule and other areas under the Nintendo Order for a period of time in 2010. The Workers Party's ideologies include:

  • Anarchist communism
  • Democratic socialism
  • Single-party rule
  • Isolation

The Workers' Party was formed by Henri Elivaie in 1993 and is currently headed by Gabriele Anderson Elavie, the son of the founder.


Ever since Mario had to say Princess Peach from King Koopa, or Bowser, the country has stayed a monarchy. It was liberal monarchism versus toiteliteran monarchism, and thus the war began. However, many disagreed with the system and opted for a socialist-styled government. Several moved out to form a socialist republic not under the Order of Nintendo, known as the Citizens' Republic of the Mushroom Order. It existed for 1993 to 1994 before collapsing.

While the majority of the government was discouraged by the fall, Henri Elivaie, a goomba who was in charge of the then-Ministry of Finance, was undeterred and decided to make use of the Mushroom Kingdom's resources rather than their own. He formed the Workers' Party of the Nintendo Order on 23rd July, 1994. The party was obviously unable to take part in any general elections, therefore it instead focused on winning the people's support so as to bring about a revolution.

In 1997, a small riot took place near Princess Peach's castle. The riots were organized by the Workers' Party and a thousand citizens, the majority Goombas, joined and protested. The riots were ignored though and by three days, rioters disbanded. The following year, Henri Elivaie suffered a heart attack and gave his position to his son, Gabriele Anderson Elavie, also a left-wing supporter.

The party grew stricter with the new leader. Anyone supporting capitalism would be expelled from the coalition, and anyone who complained of the equal wages would be banished as of immediate effect. The member count dwindled from 150 to only 50.

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