Woofbot and Meowbot
Studio(s) (Asking Fox Entertainment for permission)
Type Heroes
Genre(s) Action
Country of Origin United States
Theatrical Release Date(s)
TBA 2014
Home Edition Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Original Language English
Box Office Rowan Productions
Runtime 125 Minutes
Series Mighty Willy Universe, Woofbot, Nintendo Cinematic Universe
Woofbot and Meowbot the Movie is by Rowan Productions...


Woofbot (character) and Meowbot (character) were flying to New York City to enjoy a nice vacation, get a few oilcans on the way, and even shop, but the plane has been shot by Master Coloura's Rainbow Ship... Woofbot, Meowbot, and the random people in the plane crash onto a beach... The only few survivors were Woofbot, Meowbot, and Master Coloura (the rest of the Mighty Willy characters did not board the plane). Woofbot tried to fly away, but the crash broke his propellor... Woofbot noticed a Starman an picked it up... Meowbot, and Master Coloura touched it too, and they all got Mario Powers... Using their powers, they collected Mushrooms and Flowers and shot each other... They went on until it got dark... Woofbot kept a sandwich in his food storage sistem, Fridge for short, However, the fire flower melted the sandwich, and now Woofbot discovered grilled cheese... They all eat, build a shelter, and sleep... The next day, Woofbot felt something strange... He just shut down, and Meowbot detected a low battery... While Woofbot charged in the sun, Meowbot and Master Coloura fought... Meowbot was about to be defeated, when Woofbot got rechargeed and tossed her a starman... Meowbot won the battle, and Master Coloura was weak... Just when she tried to eat a mushroom, another plane crushed her... Willy, Jen, Joan, and Eggy came out of the plane, and were happy to reunite with the two robots... They leave for New York... At a post-credits scene, a mushroom landed in her mouth and Master Coloura was back alive, and hopped on the back of a Koopa Paratroopa, hinting another sequel will come soon...


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