Woofbot (left) and Meowbot
Full Name Woofbot
Gender Neutral
Species Robot
Current Status Functioning
Family and Relations
First Appearance ???

Woofbot is a robotic dog that originally was made by Rowan Productions, but is now owned by APIM Group, Inc. because the original creator left and his company is defunct. Woofbot will star in an upcoming game along with Meowbot.

Physical Description


Woofbot is a gray, mechanical dog and aside being mostly shaped out of cubical objects, sports most of a canine's traits. Woofbot has a red visor, with a light gray nose-like mechanism under it. A propeller is sported atop his head.

Game Appearances

Fantendo Figurine Fighters Data

  • MA: Propeller Smash
  • SM1: Laser Eyes
  • SM2: Propellor Razor
  • SA: Woofbot has more defense, so he is harder to KO.